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					A Season for Miracles
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   For the Smoky Robinson & The Miracles album, see A Season for Miracles (album).
A Season for Miracles is a 1999 television film based on a novel by Marilyn
Pappano. Directed by Michael Pressman, it originally aired on CBS in 1999.                   A Season for Miracles

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Plot summary
Emilie Thompson (Carla Gugino) is forced to take charge of her nephew J.T.
(Evan Sabara) and niece Alanna (Mae Whitman) when their drug-addicted
mother (Laura Dern) overdoses and the kids are threatened with foster care.
Emilie has nowhere to run until they land in the sleepy town of Bethlehem just
before Christmas. Even though the authorities have been temporarily left behind,
Emily will need a miracle to keep her family together. A versatile guardian angel
(Patty Duke), who assumes a variety of earthly guises, helps, along with the
small town-folk who are surprisingly friendly. One coincidence after another gives    Distributed by      CBS
the struggling family a chance at happiness.                                                              Hallmark
Cast                                                                                  Directed by         Michael Pressman

   Carla Gugino...Emilie Thompson                                                     Produced by         Timothy M. Bourne
   Kathy Baker...Ruth Doyle                                                                               Brent Shields
                                                                                                          Richard Welsh
   David Conrad...Police Captain Nathan Blair
   Laura Dern...Berry Thompson                                                        Written by          Marilyn Pappano
   Patty Duke...Angel                                                                                     (novel)
                                                                                                          Maria Nation
   Lynn Redgrave...Hon. Judge Nancy Jakes
   Mary Fogarty...Agatha
                                                                                      Starring            Carla Gugino
   Faith Prince...Sadie Miller
                                                                                                          Patty Duke
   Evan Sabara...J.T. Thompson                                                                            Laura Dern
   Mae Whitman...Alanna 'Lani' Thompson                                                                   David Conrad
   Mary Louise Wilson...Corinna                                                                           Mae Whitman
   Kurt Deutsch...Alexander Foster                                                    Music by            Craig Safan
   Scott Sowers...Deputy Howie
                                                                                      Cinematography      Shelly Johnson
   Paul Collins...Gerald Foster
                                                                                      Editing by          Harvey Rosenstock
   Gail Grate...Holly McBride
                                                                                      Production company Hallmark Hall of
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Critical reviews                                                                      Country                  United States

                                                                                      Language            English
Ray Richmond of Variety called the film "a holiday grab bag of improbability
                                                                                      Release date        12 December 1999
stacked atop improbability." [1] However, other reviewers say the predictability is
what makes it a good Christmas classic.[2]                                             Running time               90 minutes

References                                                                                    "A Season for Miracles"
   1. ^ Richmond, Ray (8 December 1999). "A Season for Miracles Review"   . Variety.        Hallmark Hall of Fame episode
   2. ^ "A Season for Miracles Review"   . Movie Reviews.                              Episode no.              Episode 1

                                                                                       Original air date        12 December 1999
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