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									                               English-Spanish Translations
        Pura Vida!
         English                                             Spanish
         Hello                                               Hola
         Goodbye                                             Adios
         Good morning                                        Buenos dias
         Good night                                          Buenas noches
         How are you?                                        Que tal?; Como esta?
         Very good                                           muy bien
         In response to how are you (great!)                 Pura vida! (pure life) used a lot
         yes/no                                              si/no
         Please                                              Por favor
         Thank you                                           Gracias
         You’re welcome                                      Con mucho gusto
         Excuse me                                           Con permiso (when trying to pass someone)
         trying to get someone’s attention                   disculpe or perdon
         Do you speak English/Spanish?                       Habla ingles/espanol?
         I’m sorry.                                          Lo siento
         I (don’t) understand                                (No) entiendo
         Where are we?                                       Donde estamos?
         Let’s go to the beach!                              Vamos a Ia playa!
         I would like ….                                     Quisera ….
         I need/ we need...                                  Necesito/Necesitamos
         More coffee (wine, beer, water) please              Mas café (vino, cerveza, agua), por favor
         Help me!                                            Ayudeme
         Where is the bathroom?                              Donde esta el bano?
         Ready?                                              Listo
         I am hungry/thristy                                 Tengo hambre
         I am sick                                           Estoy enfermo
         today/tomorrow/yesterday                            hoy/mañana/ayer
         Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday                     domingo/lunes/martes/miercoles
         Thursday/Friday/Saturday                            jueves/viernes/sabado

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