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									  OIE Standards on
 Veterinary Legislation
            54th regular meeting of
             WTO SPS Committee
            Geneva, 10-11 July 2012

            Masatsugu Okita
Chargé de mission, International Trade Dept.
        OIE Standards on Veterinary Legislation

2009 Publication of OIE Guidelines on
     the web
2010 1st Global Conference on veterinary
     legislation in Tunisia
2012 Adoption of new Code chapter at
     80th General Session
             OIE Standards on Veterinary Legislation

 A crucial element of the Veterinary Services’ infrastructure
 Outdated in many OIE Members
 Inadequate in many countries for the challenges facing VS in
  today’s world
 Technical skills needed from specialised people (mixed team
  of lawyers and veterinarians)

     Provide advice… when formulating or
     modernising veterinary legislation …
     ensuring good governance of the entire
     veterinary domain (Article 3.4.1.)
             OIE Standards on Veterinary Legislation
                        Basic principles

 Basis for key functions of Competent Authorities (CA)
  Provide basis for the CA to take necessary actions
  within veterinary domain

 Flexibility to apply in diverse situations
  No single solution. Not too prescriptive

 Respecting national legal framework
  Harmonisation/coordination with other legislation as
  well as other CA’s
              OIE Standards on Veterinary Legislation

General matters
   Introduction and objectives       General principles
   Definition                        The drafting of veterinary

Specific matters
   Competent authorities             Animal diseases
   Veterinarians and veterinary      Animal welfare
    para-professionals                Veterinary medicines and
   Laboratories in the veterinary     biologicals
    domain                            Human food production chain
   Health provisions relating to     Import and export procedures
    animal production                  and veterinary certification
                                            « Treatment »
                                           Capacity Building,
                                           Specific Activities,
                                         Projects and Programs


     « Diagnosis »    « Prescription »
                                            Public / Private
                                                                  PVS Pathway
        PVS                 PVS
      Evaluation        Gap Analysis
                          including           Education
                     Veterinary Services’
                     Strategic Priorities

The OIE collaborates with governments,
donors and other stakeholders
The OIE PVS Pathway
                                      PVS Evaluations - State of Play up to 20 June 2012

                                                                                                                                          Reports available for
                                                         PVS Evaluation               PVS Evaluation missions   Draft PVS Evaluation                                  Publication on the
                                 OIE Members                                                                                           (restricted) distribution to
                                                        requests received                  implemented            reports received                                       OIE website
                                                                                                                                          Donors and Partners

 Africa                                 52                         51                           47                      47                         36                         6

 Americas                               29                         22                           21                      21                         17                         8

 Asia, the Far East
                                        32                         18                           18                      17                         11                         1
 and Oceania

 Europe                                 53                         15                           14                      14                         12                         2

 Middle East                            12                         12                           11                      11                          5                         1

                  TOTAL                178                        118                          111                      110                        81                        18

 Aquatic PVS mission requests: Lesotho, Nicaragua, Maldives, Mozambique, Philippines, Seychelles, Vietnam

            PVS Legislation missions - State of Play up to 20 June 2012
                                                                   PVS Legislation mission              PVS Legislation       PVS Legislation documents
                                         OIE Members
                                                                     requests received               missions implemented             received

 Africa                                          52                                   22                        15                         15

 Americas                                        29                                   4                         3                           3

 Asia, the Far East and
                                                 32                                   5                         4                           4

 Europe                                          53                                   3                         2                           2

 Middle East                                     12                                   4                         4                           4

                          TOTAL                  178                                  38                        28                         28

 Does not include (Pilot project) Botswana, South Africa and 1st mission in Zambia.
            Capacity building on Veterinary Legislation

 Precondition: country engages in the OIE PVS Pathway
 Preferable to do a PVS Evaluation then request specific
  follow-up on legislation
 Initial Legislation Identification Mission
 Possibility to establish a formal agreement with the OIE for
  ongoing support (normally 1-2 years)
 The beneficiary countries committed to nominate Task
  Force with Lawyers and veterinarians
 STDF Capacity building project OIE/OIRSA in respect of
  veterinary legislation in Central America region.
Thank you for your attention

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      de la santé animale
                        World Organisation
                        for Animal Health
                                             Organización Mundial
                                             de Sanidad Animal

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