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									                                                           English Language Centre

                IELTS Practice and Preparation Courses
                                                              Spring 2012
If you are planning to study at a British University or if you are an overseas-qualified professional person such as a doctor, lawyer or
nurse, planning to work in the UK, you will probably need to take an IELTS test as part of your work application process. Our Practice
and Preparation Course will familiarise you with all the sections of the test and will help you to acquire the knowledge and skills you
need in preparation for the IELTS test.
The course materials have been chosen to provide you with useful strategies and techniques to help you to approach all sections of
the academic test confidently. It will familiarise you with the format of the test and with the level and style of English required in
each section giving you plenty of opportunity to improve your skills in:
                                                   Listening for general and detailed information
                                                    Reading for gist and for detailed information
                                   Writing discursive essays and writing based on diagrammatic information
                                     Speaking about personal experience, current affairs and cultural topics
The course is taught by highly experienced university teachers of English who have a deep understanding of the needs of
international students who require IELTS.

Please note that the course covers the Academic module only.

Course details
    2pm to 4pm Monday to Thursday (8 hrs tuition per week)
    2 hrs per week guided self-study (30 mins. per session)
    The course runs for a fixed period of 4 weeks.
    All sessions focus on test taking practice and strategies.
    Class size: minimum 8, maximum 16. If fewer than 8 students enrol, we reserve the right to cancel the course and refund fees paid.

IELTS level
    The course is available at one level only for students who have IELTS 5.0 or above.
    If you haven’t taken an IELTS test before, you’ll need to take our Placement Test to ensure that your English is at a suitable level to benefit
     from the course. You will need to demonstrate on our placement test and that you are equal to IELTS 5.0

Course fee
£440 for the complete course (Exam fee of £125 not included).

Course dates
          th                       th                              st
Monday 5 March to Thursday 29 March 2012 (IELTS test on 31 March)
         th                   th                         th
Monday 30 April to Thursday 24 May 2012 (IELTS test on 26 May)

IELTS tests are bookable separately. A place on the course is not a guarantee of a place on the test. For details of test dates please see this link:

Post or email your application to:

English Language Centre(ELC)                                 Telephone: 0151-794-2722
The University of Liverpool                                  Fax: 0151-794-2739
Cypress Building                                             e-mail
Chatham Street
L69 7ZR

                             Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am-5pm
                                   IELTS PRACTICE & PREPARATION COURSE - Application Form

                                                         Personal Details
Family Name____________________________________First Name_______________________________________
Title Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Dr Male/Female__________________ Nationality______________________________
______________________________________________________________Post Code___________________________
Telephone_______________________________ e-mail ____________________________@____________________

                                                                  IELTS Details
                     Please indicate the IELTS score you are aiming to achieve: ______________________
                                       Have you taken the IELTS test before?               Yes / No

         If So When? ___________ General Training or Academic?___________ and Where?__________________
       Result; please include the individual bands as well as the overall result (please enclose a copy of the Test Report Form)

                   Listening (        ) Reading (     ) Writing (           ) Speaking (       ) Overall Score (   )

                                                             Course Details
                                          Please state which course/s you want to apply for:

  You may select more than one two-week course. Lessons are not repeated. You may extend your course on a week-by-week basis
      after your first two-week course, subject to availability. If you do wish to extend your course, you must advise the course
                                       administrator by the previous Friday 4pm at the latest.

         th                   th                             st
Monday 5 March to Thursday 29 March 2012 (IELTS test on 31 March)                Course fee £440

          th                  th                        th
Monday 30 April to Thursday 24 May 2012 (IELTS test on 26 May)                   Course fee £440

Fees must be sent in full with the application form. A refund of fees due to cancellation or withdrawal is at the discretion of the
Course Director, and is subject to a charge of £40.00. In case of insufficient demand we reserve the right to cancel the course, and
we will refund any payment that you have made in full.
                                                                   Payment Details

Sterling cheque made payable to The University of Liverpool. Enclosed cheque for the amount of £_______

                                                Credit/Debit Card Payment for IELTS Course
                                             Please complete with CARDHOLDER’s details
         Cardholder Name ____________________________________________ Type of Card______________________

        House Number __________                     Flat/Room Number _________                      PostCode ________________________

              Card Number
           (we are sorry that we cannot accept VISA ELECTRON cards – or other cards which require the cardholder to be present at the transaction)

         Expiry                                Valid From                                   Issue                          Security
          Date                                    Date                                     Number                           Code
                                                                                                    (Maestro cards only)        (Last 3 Digits on signature strip)

Amount £______________                      Signature_________________________                                   Date_______________
 For Office Use Only

 Student Name______________________________________                 Course Date________________              6602 EUG10012 £_______________

 T_________________________________                   E____________________________________________________________________

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