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A Closer Walk is Robert Bilheimer's documentary film about the global AIDS
                                                                                                       A Closer Walk
epidemic.[1] Narrated by Glenn Close and Will Smith, A Closer Walk features
cinematography by Richard D. Young, interviews with the Dalai Lama, Bono, and
Kofi Annan, and musical contributions by Annie Lennox, The Neville Brothers,
Dido, Eric Clapton, Moby, Geoffrey Oryema, and Sade. [2]
Subjects and storylines encompass the broad spectrum of the global AIDS
experience and include people with HIV/AIDS from all walks of life; AIDS
children and orphans and those caring for them; doctors, nurses, and social
workers; human rights advocates; and prominent scientists, economists,
researchers, government leaders, and NGO officials. The film's basic themes
remain, what are the underlying causes of AIDS; the relationship between health,
dignity, and human rights; and the universal need for action, compassion, and
commitment to counter what has become the worst plague in human history.

 1 Production
 2 Cast
 3 Critical response
 4 Distribution
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                                                                                        Directed by          Robert Bilheimer
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                                                                                        Produced by          Robert Bilheimer
                                                                                                             Heidi Ostertag (co-
Production                                                                                                   producer)
Conceived in 1996 with the late Jonathan Mann -- widely regarded as the                                      Bill Stetson (co-
architect of the international response to global AIDS [citation needed] -- A Closer
Walk took three years to develop. For the film, more than 50 women, men, and            Cinematography Richard Young
young people have been interviewed or profiled in the following regions and             Editing by           Anthony DeLuca
locations: Uganda, South Africa, Haiti, Switzerland, India, Nepal, Ukraine,
                                                                                        Distributed by       Worldwide
Cambodia, and various locations in the United States including New York City,                                Documentaries
Kansas City, San Francisco, and Cambridge. Production of A Closer Walk began
                                                                                        Release date(s)      2003
in February 2000, and was completed in December 2002.
                                                                                        Running time         85 minutes
Cast                                                                                    Country              Australia

   Glenn Close - Narrator                                                               Language             English

   Will Smith - Narrator
   Kofi Annan - Himself
   Bono - Himself
   Dalai Lama - Himself

Critical response
The film has received international critical acclaim. Writing for the Gannett News Service, chief film critic Jack Garner gave A
Closer Walk his highest rating, calling it a "beautifully told story of suffering that inspires hope and action." In South Africa,
reviewing the film prior to its national airing on South African television, Claire Keaton of the Sunday Times called the film
"unforgettable." In New Delhi, following the film's India premiere, Rajeshwari Sharma of the Economic Times said that A
Closer Walk is "an absolutely brilliant account of the deadliest plague humankind has ever known."[3]

A Closer Walk is a production of Worldwide Documentaries, a not-for-profit film production company focusing on matters of
cultural, social, and humanitarian interest.

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