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									                                      Oakcrest High School
                                   Small Learning Communities

Name: ___________________________
Guidance Counselor: __________________________

Instructions for Application:
All juniors interested in choosing a Small Learning Community (SLC) offering for the 2008-2009 school year must
complete a Small Learning Communities application by January 11th and return it to Mr. Cocuzza or Mrs.
Giberson in the Guidance Office. Completed applications must be submitted before scheduling courses with
your guidance counselor or you will not be able to schedule SLC courses.

(1) Please check the SLC you are applying for below. *Please do not check off more than one SLC on this
form. Students interested in more than one SLC must submit a separate application for each SLC.

(2) Complete the third sheet of this application which requires:

        A. Two teacher recommendations (see specific instructions below)
        B. The consent of your parent/guardian (see Parental Consent section on third sheet)

(3) Attach a personal statement (typed) that addresses the following questions:

        A. Why are you interested in the program?
        B. Why do you think you would be a strong candidate? Do you have any special skills to offer?
        C. How might the program help you to realize your future goals?

____ THE FILM & TELEVISION INSTITUTE                                              (GRADE 12)

             English: Film Writing and Criticism
             Social Studies: Film and Television History
             Media: Film Lab

            *Teacher recommendations from at least one English and one social studies teacher.

____ ART HISTORY INSTITUTE                                                        (GRADE 12)

             Social Studies: Art History
             English: Art Criticism
             Visual Arts: Art Lab

            *Teacher recommendations from at least one English and one Social Studies teacher.
        Science: Applied Physics
        Math: Applied Calculus
        Visual Arts: Computer Applications of Art and Design

       *Teacher recommendations from at least one Math and one Science teacher.

____ MEDICINE AND HEALTH INSTITUTE                              (GRADE 12)

        Science: Human Anatomy and Physiology
        Health: Health for Medical Profession

       *Teacher recommendations from at least one Science teacher.

____ FORENSICS INSTITUTE                                        (GRADE 11)

        Science: Chemistry
        Social Studies: Constitution and Law

       *Teacher recommendations from at least one science and one social studies teacher.

____ ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE                                    (GRADE 11)

        Science: Sea and Shore Ecology
        Math: Inquiry and Problem Solving in Math

       *Teacher recommendations from guidance counselor or at least one science or math

____ ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSTITUTE                                 (GRADE 12)

        Business: Entrepreneurship/Business Management
        English: Communications

       *Teacher recommendations from at least one business and one English teacher.

____ POLITICAL SCIENCE INSTITUTE                                (GRADE 10)

        English: English II
        Social Studies: United States History I

       *Teacher recommendations from at least one English and one social studies teacher.
                                            Teacher Recommendations

Dear Teachers:
Please print your name, sign, and date below if you believe this student will be a strong candidate for the SLC for which s/he is
applying (see reverse). Please indicate in your comments any factors that you are aware of that may impact their ability to
succeed in the specified program. Thank you.

         Printed Name                        Signature                                  Date

         Printed Name                        Signature                                  Date

                                                   Parental Consent
 I support my child’s Statement of Interest in the Small Learning Communities (SLC) program. I understand that enrollment
 in each SLC is limited and that final decisions regarding enrollment will be made by the Department Supervisors with the
 support of the OHS Principal.

 Student’s Name

 Parent/Legal Guardian’s Name               Signature                                  Date

**If student is applying to more than one SLC, please list those applied for in order of preference:
         1st Choice: _______________________________
         2nd Choice: _______________________________
         3rd Choice: _______________________________

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