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									Senior Overview
 September 2012
      Test Date                  Registration Deadline ($21 Late Fee
                                 (Free with waiver*)   Required)
      September 8, 2012           August 17, 2012             August 18 – 24, 2011.
                                                              Note test center change requests
                                                              must be made online or via agent by
                                                              August 31

      October 27, 2012            September 21, 2011          September 22 –
                                                              October 5, 2012
      December 8, 2012            November 2, 2012            November 3 – 16,
      February 9, 2013            January 11 ,2013            January 12 – 18, 2013

      April 13, 2013              March 8, 2013               March 9 – 22, 2013

      June 8, 2013                May 3, 2013                 May 4 – 17, 2013
Note: Seniors are encouraged to take the October ACT to improve their college admission
options. Students who participate in free/reduced lunch may get a fee waiver. You may use
a maximum of TWO fee waivers in your lifetime. Waivers are available in Room 110
beginning Monday. Only the best ACT score goes to the colleges. If you plan to go to UIUC
(Champaign) you must put their name on the ACT application. UIUC will not accept school
copies of ACT scores.
ACT – September 8, 2012

   This test is before the announced
   CTU strike date and, if you are
   registered, it will proceed as
   Be at Kelly by 8:00 AM.
   You must have a picture ID (school
   ID or state ID is OK)
   Bring your admission ticket and a
   calculator (and maybe a few pencils).
Service Learning

  You must turn in at least
  40 service learning hours
  by Winter Break in order
  to remain in a senior
  division! Students in 470
  divisions must earn 40
  hours to move up to
  senior in the following
   Note: Many students Divisions 470, 471 and 472 earned enough service
   hours to be seniors but the hours were not posted until after June 2012
   report cards. These seniors will be moved to regular senior divisions at
   the earliest opportunity.
Other Graduation Requirements

  You’ll be receiving personalized graduation
  checklists next week
  Checklists will indicate what courses you still
  need to graduate
  Also check other graduation requirements
  such as PL 195 (Constitution Test), Consumer
  Ed, Drivers Ed & ACT/PSAE scores
  They will also indicate what Saturday/evening
  school classes you need to take. Saturday
  school registration begins on Monday.
      Note: Schedule changes have been submitted for
      approximately 250 seniors but have not yet been processed.
      Please wait until September 13 before you start to make
      requests for schedule changes
Schedule Changes

   The fastest way to request a schedule change is
   by completing a request form to be found on the
   doors to the counseling office or to e-mail your
   Over 250 seniors are requesting changes, so the
   process may take a while. Counselors should be
   available after division on Wednesday,
   September 12 if you have questions
Evening and Saturday School

   When you receive your graduation
   checklist next week, it will indicate
   what Saturday and evening school
   classes you must take.
   You need to see your counselor to get
   a Saturday/evening registration form.
   If allowed, turn the form to Room 114
   EVEN if you cannot pay until the first
   day of school.
Recovery Classes and On Line
   This year classes are also available to seniors on-line. You
   MUST have a computer with Internet (not dial-up) at home and
   must do the coursework in the computer lab during your lunch
   period or after school. See your counselor for details. If you
   drop or fail an on-line class you will be charged $200! Last
   year students were put on a waiting list. This is NOT a
   guarantee that you will actually be able to start the class in
   time for graduation!
   Recovery classes fill up fast and you want to get in so that you can
   graduate! Failure to sign up for a class because you did not have
   money or forgot is an indication that you are not making an effort
   to remain on track for graduation in June. This is YOUR
New This Year –Google Mail

   All CPS Students are going to be issued an e-mail
   address. It is just like g-mail but even better!
   When school is in session this is how teachers and
   students will communicate
   Because your e-mail address uses your name in a
   professional manner, it is the perfect one to use
   when corresponding with colleges.
   Keep your personal e-mail for personal stuff! Use
   your professional e-mail for school stuff!
   More info coming shortly
Other Things To Worry About!

     What will you be doing after
     If you don’t know, attend Career
     Night (Wednesday, October 24)
     and College Fairs (at Kelly
     Tuesday, October 30)
     You need to start working on
     College Aps NOW
     Some elite schools have Oct 1
     deadlines! Even more four year
     schools have November 15 and
     December 15 deadlines!
What’s Next Illinois –
A great place to search for careers and colleges

 Check with your counselor for user name and password; we will be
 in the computer labs at the end of September.

          Don’t forget!
          Kelly’s Career night is
          October 24 at 6 P.M.
          Once again, speakers will
          be grouped by career
          What’s in your future?
Why Go To College?

 Did you know that college graduates make, on average, $21,900 more
 per year than high school graduates? (NCES/DES)

 Most jobs now require some type of college degree.

 Most college graduates earn a lot more money than people that only
 have a high school diploma.
Why Go To College?

 Think you don’t need a degree? Think again.
 Here are just a few jobs that require education
 after high school:

 Automotive mechanic
 Hairdresser, hairstylist
 X-ray technician
 Police officer; Forensics (CSI Investigator)
 Nurse; nursing assistant, dental hygienist
 Computer software engineer
 Social worker
 Child care provider
         Upcoming College Fairs

Several very useful college fairs are coming up

Your counselor or the Post Secondary coach can
provide you with information regarding registration
as well as useful questions to ask at a college fair.

These are great places to gather information, get on
mailing lists, and even to ease your parents’ worries!
Chicago Football Classic HBCU
College Fair
   Saturday, September 29, 2012,
    10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
   Soldier Field, Cadillac Room
   For juniors and seniors interested in meeting with
   alumni and representatives from Historically Black
   Colleges and Universities (HBCU’S), City Colleges
   of Chicago, and some local Chicago universities.
   Students need not be African American to attend.
   A football game follows.
National College Fair
This is the BIG ONE!!!!!
   Date: Saturday, September 29,
   11 AM to 3 P.M.
   Place: Navy Pier, Festival Hall A
   Preregistration is REQUIRED.
   More Info? Contact: Ms. Flores in Room 259
   No Busses are available at this time
   You can go on your own with parents/friends
   Good for any student at any grade level seeking
   info about college. Hundreds of colleges from
   across the country participate in this fair
National College Performing
Arts Fair
   Date: Sunday, October 14,
   1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
   Place: Chicago High School for the Fine
   Arts, 521 E 35th Street
   Anyone interested in pursuing a degree in
   Art, Music, Drama, Dance, should go to this
   Once again, hundreds of colleges from
   across the country participate in this fair.
   Register at Be sure
   to choose the correct date and location.
   More Info? Contact: Ms. Flores in Room
Kelly College Fair

   Tuesday, October 30, 2012
   4 PM to 6 PM in Lunchrooom
   Over 40 area colleges will be here to
   answer questions and take
   Prizes will be awarded throughout the
Additional City Wide Events

   Keeping It 100 sponsored by UIC
   African American Network
   Saturday, September 8, 2012,
   9:00 AM to 2:00 PM,
   UIC Student Center East, 750 S Halsted
   For Junior and senior African American
   males with GPA of 3.0 and PLAN or ACT of
   Registration is required c/o or call 312/996-5565.
Additional City Wide Events

   CPS Senior Strategic Planning Day
   Thursday, September 27, 2012,
   5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, UIC Student Center East,
   Illinois Room, 750 S Halsted
   For seniors with 3.0 GPA and ACT 20+
   CPS Seniors with 3.0 GPA and Class President or
   CPS Senior with 3.5 GPA & LSC Representation.
   Registration is REQUIRED through by August 30. or email
Additional City Wide Events

   100 Black Men College & Scholarship Fair
   Saturday, October 13, 9:00 AM to 3:00
   PM, UIC Forum, 725 W Roosevelt
   Juniors and seniors with GPA of 3.0. On-
   site scholarships are offered.
   Qualified students must register at
   Sophomores can also gain good experience
   jst attending the fair.
Additional City Wide Events

   CPS/SIEMENS 9th Annual HBCU Scholarship Fair &
   Friday, November 9, 2012, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Sheraton
   Hotel & Towers, 301 E North Water Street.
   CPS Seniors with GPA of 3.0 and one of the following: ACT
   of 20+, or ACT of 18+ and #1 in class or class president.
   Letters will be sent to qualified seniors during first week in
   school. Registration is on
   Over $30 milliion in scholarships were awareded to 758 CPS
   seniors last year!
Additional City Wide Events

   Universities of Illinois Salute to Academic
   Friday, September 21, 2012, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
   at Hilton Chicago, 720 S Michigan Avenue.
   Chicagoland area underrepresented seniors who
   have a GPA of 3.0 ACT of 20+
   Letters will be sent to qualified seniors during
   first week in school with registration information.
Additional City Wide Events

   National Hispanic College Fair
   Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 9:30
   AM to 12:30 PM, Richard J Daley
   College, 7300 S Pulaski Road
   See Ms. Flores in Room 259 for
How Will You Pay for College
or Trade School ?

You’ll hear much more as the year moves forward.
Understand that Financial Aid comes from
the Federal Government, the State, and
Private Grants & Scholarships,
Right now here’s a brief overview on FAFSA,
Grants, work-study, scholarships & loans

  There’s even money for undocumented students!
Financial Aid Terms
   Most grants come from the U.S.
   Government, the State of Illinois, and
   sometimes from the colleges or
   Students who complete the FAFSA
   may be qualified for free money
   (financial aid) to pay for college.
   Grants do not have to be paid back.
      U.S. Department of Education
 Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Anyone with a Social Security Number can Apply for Free
$$$$. New rules have added options for undocumented
If you have a Social Security Number you can do your
application on-line
You can begin now by doing the FAFSA4caster and EFC
You cannot do the actual FAFSA until January 1, but need to
complete it by March 30 to get the most FREE $$$$
Note an ITIN Number is not a Social Security Number. Check
your card carefully
Financial Aid Terms
   Students who complete the FAFSA may be
   qualified for a job on the college campus.
   This money has tax benefits and does not
   have to be repaid to the government. It
   can be used for school or for personal
   Students can also hold regular jobs, and
   sometimes they can even get a job on
   campus if they do not qualify for work-
   study. Of course, you can always have a
   summer job to help pay bills too.
Financial Aid Terms
   This is money awarded to students that does not
   have to be paid back

   You do not have to have a social
   security number or an alien registration
   number to “win” a scholarship

   Scholarships are like prizes. You can earn them
   by having good grades, by completing essays or by
   competing in contests. ANYONE CAN
   QUALIFY!!! There is at least one scholarship
   for every person in this room.
A word or two about
   Many dates are approaching
   quickly….start researching some of
   the BEST search sites:
Some Extra Special
 Students who have a social security number AND a
 3.3 GPA or higher at the end of their Junior year
 might win FREE TUITION for LIFE – Apply for the
 Gates Millennium Scholarship! (You’ll get an invite
 from us)
 Questbridge and Possee scholarships provide
 outstanding opportunities for first generation low
 income students to attend and afford the best
 universities in the nation.
More Scholarship Info

   Students with a good record of
   leadership/service might consider the
   Prudential Spirit Award.

   Ms. Flores is ALWAYS e-mailing
   students with scholarship
   opportunities – are you on her mailing
You’ve Been Scammed!!!!

   BE CAREFUL – Scholarship Scams are
   all around – NEVER, EVER pay for a
   scholarship search or for college or
   financial aid (FAFSA) processing
   assistance…these services are FREE;
   the paid services make
   promises…nothing else!
Financial Aid Terms
   College is expensive.
   Few people can pay for college using only
   grants, scholarships and work-study.
   A loan is any money borrowed by a student
   or a parent to pay for college. It MUST be
   paid back—but there are some great deals
   out there.
   Don’t let your need for a loan keep you
   away from your dream of attending
   college! LET’S TALK!!!
So, where do I get HELP!

       We are here for you!!!
Who Are My Counselors?

 Divisions 301-304
      Ms. Koivula, Room 110 South

 Divisions 305-319
      Mr. Vonesh, Room 214 North

 Divisions 320-330 and
 Divisions 470-472
      Ms. O’Connor, Room 110 North
Who Else is There?

 Ms. Flores,
      College & Career Coach, Room 259

 Ms. Miranda,
      College Advisor, Illinois College Advising Corps, Room 259
Counselors Are Busy!

   We will be registering new students every day—all
   day through September 11
   We will be registering new students during 1st
   through 3rd period September 12 through
   September 14
   We will NOT BE AVAILABLE for current students
   until after division September 12 through
   September 14.
   YOU CAN complete a note (with your e-mail
   address) and we will send you a note back!
My parents need help!

Junior and Senior Parent Night
September 13, 2012
6 – 8 PM
Workshops will be in
  English and Spanish

More information to follow
Senior Class GOALS

 #Complete at least six college or vocational
  school applications by Winter Break 2011.
  (2 by Halloween, 2 more by Thanksgiving,
  last 2 by Winter Break).
      You’ll find out about College Match in
      Senior Seminar, AVID and English 4
      classes inSeptember/October.
Senior Class GOALS

 # Complete FAFSA4Caster and EFC
  Calculators in October/November
 #Complete FAFSA in
 #Apply for six scholarships by Spring
  Break 2013.
 #Continue to Focus on Good Grades
 #Don’t worry—we’re here to help!
Computer Labs and College Apps

   Computer Lab 259 gives priority to seniors
   needing postsecondary assistance during lunch
   periods (Postsecondary means planning for life
   after high school—such as college)
   Online College & Financial Aid Center and
   workshops are available in Room 259 on Tuesdays
   and Thursdays during 7th, 8th and 9th period.
   Ms. Flores can be reached at .
   If she has your e-mail she will be sure to send you
   LOTS of information about college and
What to do if the schools are
   IF Chicago Teachers Union actually strikes
   on September 10, you still need to work
   toward senior and college goals.
   Understand that the suburban and private
   schools – and other schools throughout the
   nation – will be working on these goals and
   that deadlines approach even if you are not
   in school.
What to do if the schools ar
   You will not be able to be in contact
   with your teachers.
   It is strongly suggested that you
   keep this document and that you try
   to register and participate in college
   fairs and other events.
What To Do If the Schools Are
   It is also suggested that you research the
   college application process and, if you feel
   confident, complete an application or two
   (essays should always be reviewed by an
   adult who is a good writer).
   Finally, go to web sites like or for helpful
   suggestions on college prep.



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