Hancock High School Course Request Procedures for the 2011-2012 by kqm6E5


									                   Hancock High School Course Request Procedures for the 2012-2013 School Term
All course requests for the 2012-2013 school year will be submitted using your ActiveStudent account. Please follow the instructions below to
schedule course requests for next school year. If you do not have internet access at home, please use the computers in the guidance office,
library, or computer lab. Course requests must be entered by March 13, 2012.

    1.   Go to www.hancock.k12.ms.us
    2.   Locate ActiveStudent.
    3.   Click Login to access your ActiveStudent account.                                       Login
    4.   Enter your User Name and Password.
         (If your account is locked, you have forgotten your User Name or you cannot retrieve your password, please report to guidance.)
    5.   Click on the Course Request tab located at the top of the page.
                General       Courses         Course Request        Gradebook    Attendance       Discipline
    6.   Click the Add New Course Request. (Some required courses have already been added.)

                  Add New Course Request

    7.   You will see the following near the bottom of the page. Follow the directions on this sheet.
                                  Add New Course Request
             Schedule               HHS 2011 2012 School Year                         a) Click on the Course dropdown box. Find the
                                                                                      name of the course you want to add. Click on the
             Course                   Art I
                                                                                      course name to add it to the box.
             Course Request Type      Required

             Preferred Term           No Preference

                               Submit Course Request       Cancel

                                  Add New Course Request                            b) Click on the Course Request Type dropdown
             Schedule               HHS 2011 2012 School Year                       box. Click Required if the course is required for
                                                                                    graduation. Click Elective if the course is not
             Course                   Art I                                         required for graduation.

             Course Request Type      Required

             Preferred Term           No Preference

                               Submit Course Request       Cancel

                                                                                    c) Click on the Preferred Term dropdown box.
                                  Add New Course Request
                                                                                    Click the term or semester that you would like to
             Schedule               HHS 2011 2012 School Year                       take the course. Term is used for 9 week courses.
                                                                                    Term 1 (1st 9 weeks)Term 2(2nd 9 weeks)/Term 3(3rd 9
             Course                   Art I
                                                                                    weeks)/Term 4 (4th 9 weeks).
                                                                                    Semester is used for semester courses. Semester 1
             Course Request Type      Required
                                                                                    is from August to December and Semester 2 is
                                      No Preference
                                                                                    January to May. If you do not have a preference,
             Preferred Term
                                                                                    click on No Preference.
                               Submit Course Request       Cancel
                                                                                    d) Click on Submit Course Request. Repeat until
                                                                                    you have courses totaling 8 credit units.

             NOTE* Students wishing to change a regular course to an honors course can do so by deleting the regular course
             and adding the honors course.

              Course Name       Pref Term Request Type         Credit Hours Schedule
              English III                       Required              1         HHS 2011 2012 School Year        Edit     Delete

         If you need help with your Course Selections, please make an appointment to see your Guidance Counselor.
                                                                  11th Grade Course Requests 2012-2013                                        Course Request must be
            Regular                                                                                  Honors                                   entered by 3/13/12
            English III (Prereq: English II)                                                         English III Honors (Prereq: English II Honors)
            Math: Geometry or Algebra II or                                                          Math: Algebra II or Algebra II Honors or Trig/Pre-Cal (Prereq: Alg II)
                  Adv Alg/Trig (Prereq: Alg II) or                                                   US Gvt Honors/Eco Honors and US History Honors
                  Trig/Pre-Cal (Prereq: Algebra II)                                                  Science: Chemistry or Chem Honors (Prereq or Coreq: Algebra II) or
            US Gvt/Eco and US History                                                                         Physics (Prereq or Coreq: Trig/Pre-Cal) or
            Science: Chemistry (Prereq or Coreq: Algebra II) or                                               AP Physics B (Prereq: Physics) or
                     Physics (Prereq or Coreq: Trig/Pre-Cal) or                                               Zoology/Field or Human A & P (Prereq: Chemistry) or
                     Physical Science (Lab)                                                                   Microbiology/Genetics (Prereq: 80+ in Biology I)
            *** If you are planning on playing Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, or Cheerleading, you will need to give your name to the appropriate coach. This
            information is to inform coaches the number of students interested in trying out for the team. ***
                                                Computer Application (For
                                                students who have not taken or passed
Accounting I                                    Computer Discovery)                              General Music                                Nutrition & Wellness
African-American Studies                        Drug Ed/Safety Education                         Geography                                    PE
                                                                                                 Guitar (Must own acoustic Guitar/Book
American Civil Rights Movement                  English II                                       Fee)                                         Physical Science (Lab)
Annual Staff (Application Required)             Finance                                          Health                                       Psychology/Sociology
Art I                                           Family & Individual Health                       Humanities/Law Related Education             Spanish I
Art II                                          Family Dynamics                                  Intro to Journalism                          Spanish II (Pre-req: Spanish I)
Art III                                         French I                                         JROTC                                        Survey of World Religions
                                                                                                 Keyboarding (For students who have not
Band                                            French II (Pre-req: French I)                    taken or passed Computer Discovery)          Theater I
Broadcast Journalism (Pre-req: Intro
to Journalism)                                  French III (Pre-req: French II)                  Mississippi Studies                          World History

            *If you want Band or JROTC all year, you must enter both A and B of either class. For example: Band A is 1st Semester and Band B is 2nd Semester

                          Career Technical Electives (A two year commitment is required)
                         Automotive Service Technology I                                Health Sciences I (Prereq: Biology I)

                         Business Tech II (Prereq: Bus Tech I)                          Hotel & Restaurant Management I                                 Juniors enrolled in a
                                                                                                                                                        Votech Course having
                         Construction                                                   Hotel & Restaurant Management II
                                                                                                                                                        earned 16 or more
                         Const II - Carpentry (Prereq: Construction)                    Manufacturing Fundamentals I
                                                                                                                                                        credits may qualify for
                         Culinary Arts I                                                Metal Fabrication (Prereq: Man Fund I)
                                                                                                                                                        4th block work release.
                         Drafting I                                                     Polymer Science I (Prereq: Algebra I 70+average)
                                                                                                                                                        **See your counselor
                         Drafting II                                                    Polymer Science II
                                                                                                                                                        for more information**
                         Early Childhood Education I                                    Teacher Academy I
                         Engineering I (Prereq: Algebra I 70+average)                   Welding I
                         Engineering II                                                 Welding II
                                                Graduation Requirements
 Check your                      Diploma                                                          Required
                                 28 Units                                                          Units
 transcript on                                                                                                                              28 Credits
                                 ENGLISH 4
                                 MATH 4                                  Pre-Algebra or Trans Algebra
                                                                         Algebra I                                                          Honors:
                                                                         Geometry                                                           30 Credits and QPA: 3.5
                                                                         Algebra II
                                 SCIENCE 4                               Biology I
                                                                         1 credit in Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics                Highest Honors:
                                 SOCIAL                                  1 World History                                                    32 Credits and QPA: 4.0
                                 STUDIES 4                               1 U.S. History
                                                                         ½ U.S. Government
                                                                         ½ Economics
                                                                                                                                            Honors/Highest Honors
                                                                         ½ Mississippi Studies                                              Must follow the College
                                                                         ½ World Geography                                                  Prep Curriculum
                                 HEALTH/PE 1                             Comprehensive Health or
                                                                         Family and Individual Health
                                                                         ½ Physical Education
                                 BUSINESS 1                              1 Computer Discovery, ITC II, or
                                                                          ½ Keyboarding and ½ Computer Applications                        Handouts of requirements
                                 ARTS 1                                  Fine Arts Course
                                                                                                                                           for MS Scholars and MS
                                 ELECTIVES 11
                                                                                                                                           IHL (College Prep
                                 TOTAL REQUIRED UNITS                    Must pass all SATP’s
                                                                                                                                           Curriculum) are available
                                                                                                                                           in Guidance.

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