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									What is Poetry?

    8B English
 Genuine poetry can
communicate before it is
        T.S Elliot
Poetry exploits the potential of
   words. Poetry is language
  pared down to its essential.
           Ezra Pound
Poetry is language at its most
 distilled and most powerful.
          Rita Dove
      Poetry cannot be
   paraphrased. It loses its
essence. Every word counts.
Poems are not created by a
recipe or by pouring content
 into a currently acceptable
Poetry is everywhere
Poetry is music to your ear
Poetry is a graceful dancer with elegance
  and flair
Poetry has many shapes and forms, but
  poetry is not square
Poetry is written on paper, but it doesn’t live
For poetry is in your eyes, in your smile and
  even in your tears
Poetry is your happiness, your anger and
  also your fear

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