English 100 Mentoring by X7WD8Y04


									English 100 Mentoring
Faculty Orientation
August 16, 2007
 Background, Agendas
  Evolution of the Initiative
      F06 Pilot Sections and Bruland’s analysis
      WASC Proposal
        • Curricular Innovation, FY Experience, Retention
      S07 Pilot Sections and collaborative analysis
Guidelines and Infrastructure
   Mentors’Job Descriptions,
   Other Orientation Items
       General Education FW Hallmarks
       Website
       Mentoring Logs
   Mentors’ Resources
       USB pens for logging work and reaching resources
       Composition Books
         • To model note-taking in class
         • To log ideas for working with students
         • To see themselves as Composition researchers
Suggestions for Your
 Discuss the role(s) you want the mentor to
 play in your classroom
   Observing and taking notes;
   participating in discussions;
   facilitating peer groups;
   leading 1/2 of class occasionally;
   teaching a lesson (later in the semester)
 Meet with the mentor face to face
 occasionally … a set time?
Suggestions for Your
Collaboration, 2
 Ask your mentor for observations on
 perceived trends across the class
 Include incentives for students to meet with
 the mentor in your syllabus
   Intake interviews mandatory …
   Standard operating procedure?
       Aim for different kinds of meetings for different stages of
   Extra credit?
Additional Resources
 English Department’s FW Renewal CD,
 displaying varieties of ways in which
 faculty meet the hallmarks in their
 English 100 classes
 JH available for three-way
 brainstorming and planning with your

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