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									               Tudor Times
               Kings, Queens and Explorers
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                                             1400          1800          2200

                                                    1600          2000



                                             The Tudors

From 1485 to 1603, England was ruled by the Tudor family, starting with
Henry VII (1485-1509) and ending with his grand-daughter Elizabeth I (1558-
This is called, Tudor times.
                         During the reign of King Henry VII, explorers wanted to
                         reach Asia because they knew there would be great riches
                         there. Not only would they become rich but their countries
                         would become rich too.

 King Henry VII

One explorer, called John
Cabot, wanted to set out
from Bristol and reach Asia
by sailing across the northern part of what we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
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When Richard Chancellor arrived in Russia, he and
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his crew were welcomed byFrom This PowerPoint Show and
                               the Russian people
taken by sledge to Moscow to meet the Russian

                           Tsar means king.

                          When Richard Chancellor returned to England, he
                          brought news that the Russians had agreed to
                          exchange English cloth for Russian furs.
 In 1595, Sir Walter Raleigh left England once again to sail to the New
 World in search of a place that didn’t actually exist.

The place was El Dorado - the ‘city of gold’,
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