UNIT OF STUDY: Poetry by X7WD8Y04


                                          (This matrix was devised by Ralph Pirozzo in 1997)
UNIT OF STUDY: Poetry                                                                                                                              Stage 3
 Promoting Learning
    International                                                   Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
   www.pli.com.au              Knowing              Understanding                 Applying                    Analysing                     Creating                    Evaluating
       Verbal              Make a list of known    Recite a poem of         Design a poster for the       Examine the structure       Write a poem based on       Review an anthology of
I enjoy reading, writing   poets.                  your choice.             poem you are reciting.        of various poems.           the topic and structure     poems.
& speaking                                                                                                                            selected by your teacher.

   Mathematical            Find poems about        Explain any patterns     Compose a poem using          Complete an analysis of     Create a poem using         Give a rating for each of 10
I enjoy working with       science topics.         you see or hear in a     the following formula:        the syllabic structure of   numbers and                 poems of your choice.
numbers & science                                  poem.                    Throw a die – each            a poem.                     mathematical symbols        Justify your ratings (LDC).
                                                                            number indicates the                                      only.
                                                                            number of words in a
                                                                            line of poetry.
        Visual             Make a timeline of      Draw a person, place     Illustrate a poem of your     Compare and contrast 2      Using a Y chart, create     Rate the descriptive quality
I enjoy painting           the life of a poet of   or object described in   choice,                       poems on the same           an artwork depicting a      of poetry as opposed to
drawing & visualising      your choice.            a poem (Y Chart).                                      topic/theme                 poem.                       artwork.
                                                                                                          (Venn Diagram).
    Kinaesthetic           Locate the poetry       Act out movements                                      Create a model of a         Perform a poem as a pair    Evaluate a poetry recitation.
I enjoy doing hands-on     books in the library.   described in a poem.     Make a seat or stool for a    venue suitable for          or group.
activities                                                                  poet to use at a recitation   poetry recitation.
       Musical             Find song lyrics that   Match 10 poems to        Perform the syllabic          Select music for a          Put the words of a poem     Argue: Poetry needs to be
I enjoy making &           could be read as a      10 different pieces of   structure of a poem,          cocktail party to launch    to music.                   performed as a song.
listening to music         poem.                   music.                   using percussion              a new poetry anthology.
   Interpersonal           Brainstorm as a class   Share a poem you         Plan an advertising           Choose 2 poems:             Conduct an interview        Suggest reasons for the
I enjoy working with       – Poetry.               have found with your     campaign for a poetry         survey the class about      with a poet of your         results of your survey.
others                                             class mates (TPS).       anthology.                    which they prefer           choice (X Chart).
                                                                                                          (Venn Diagram.

   Intrapersonal           Find out about a poet   Do a Y chart on a        Prepare a suitable            Suggest how poems           Create a title page for     Evaluate your own poetry
I enjoy working by         of your choice.         poem.                    program for a poetry          could be categorised.       this unit (TAP).            recitation (LDC).
myself                                                                      recitation.

                     This unit has been created by Michele Beach (Jasper Road Public School)

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