Grading Criteria for Essay #2: Critical Evaluation of Commercial Media

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Rhetorical Analysis
                                                                      Levels of Achievement
    Criteria                  5                                  3                                    1                                  0
Introduction                                     Provides some context for the        Provides little context for the      Provides no context for the
                Provides context for the rest
& thesis                                         paper and attempts to grab           paper and/or does little to grab     paper and does not grab the
                of the paper, grabs reader’s
                                                 reader’s attention. Thesis is not    reader’s attention. Thesis is not    reader’s attention. Thesis not
                attention. Thesis is clear and
                                                 directly stated but related to the   directly stated and only vaguely     explicit or does not relate to
                direct, developing the central
                                                 ideas discussed within the           relates to the ideas discussed       the ideas discussed in the
                idea of the paper to follow.
                                                 paper.                               within the paper.                    paper.
Organization    Shows a clear connection
                with the thesis and progresses   Shows some connection with                                                No connection to thesis. Ideas
                                                                                      Little connection to thesis: ideas
                accordingly. Smooth flow of      the thesis but does not progress                                          are not logically structured.
                                                                                      do not always flow in a logical,
                ideas with cohesive              accordingly. Most ideas flow;                                             No transitions used to guide
                                                                                      cohesive manner. Few
                introduction and conclusion.     limited problems with                                                     the reader through the paper
                                                                                      transitions used or repeatedly
                Transitions are effectively      cohesion. Some transitions                                                or connect the ideas within
                                                                                      used incorrectly.
                used to guide the reader.        used but not always correctly.                                            the paper.

Content (body   Clearly defined response to
                                                                                      Some references to purpose but
& conclusion)   purpose and assignment.          Responds to purpose and                                                   Little reference to the purpose
                                                                                      the assignment seems unclear.
                Provides pertinent examples      assignment but some points are                                            or assignment guidelines not
                                                                                      Provides unclear examples for
                for supporting the thesis. The   unclear. Provide few examples                                             followed. No
                                                                                      supporting the thesis.
                piece is fully contextualized    for supporting the thesis. The                                            contextualization of the piece
                                                                                      Contextualization and analysis
                and analyzed thoroughly and      piece is contextualized well but                                          or analysis. Rambling or
                                                                                      are limited in their scope or
                with extensive thought.          1-2 essential aspects of analysis                                         overly repetitive.
                                                                                      some ideas are repeated. Weak
                Strong conclusion                are missing. Good conclusion                                              Poor conclusion
Audience        Engages audience throughout
Awareness       paper, holds audience interest   Engages audience through             Has little engaging qualities,       Does not hold audience
                and addresses assignment         most of the paper, can capture       does not hold the interest of the    interest at all, overtly
                without being overtly            but not sustain interest             audience                             emotional and opinionated

Language use    No problems with sentence
                                                 Very few problems with
&               structure. Good use of                                                Informal language used in            No editing – no evidence of
                                                 sentence structure. Very few
                academic English. Superior                                            multiple instances. Careless         revision between first and
mechanics       editing – limited errors in
                                                 problems with using academic
                                                                                      editing – several errors per         final draft. Consistent
                                                 English. Good editing – few
                grammar, punctuation,                                                 paragraph in grammar,                problems with mechanics and
                                                 errors per page in grammar,
                capitalization or spelling.                                           punctuation, capitalization,         structure throughout the
                                                 punctuation, capitalization or
                                                                                      spelling, or sentence structure.     paper.

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