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									                                     English 10 Honors
                                   Mr. Tromble, Mrs. Lewis
                                           Class Syllabus
Welcome to River Hill High School and to English 10 Honors. In this course, we will examine
diverse and exciting literature, and we will analyze how the authors mold and shape language in
order to create meaning. We will create our own written works based on the literary models we
read in class. As the first high school step in the vertical articulation process, students in 9
Honors become acculturated to the track which leads to students taking the Advanced Placement
(AP) English Language and Composition in the 11th grade and the AP English Literature and
Composition in the 12th grade. The curriculum is arranged into four units that are spread across
the semester as follows:

Although somewhat less rigorous than a gifted and talented class, English 10 Honors requires students to
have a commitment to academic pursuits. The recommendation of a student’s current English teacher and
consistently high achievement in previous English courses are desirable for enrollment in this class.
Catalog of Approved High School Courses (HCPSS)

Unit Breakdown:
  I.   The Tragic Stance
       In this unit, we will examine what creates tragedy and how it has manifested itself throughout
       the history of literature.
       Texts: Oedipus Rex, Macbeth
       Major Assignments: compare/contrast two texts, character analysis, 30-min SAT prompt

 II.    The Search for Self
        In this unit, we will examine the need for identity and the struggle of discovering one’s
        identity. To this end, we will discuss a number of philosophical and psychological theories.
        Texts: The Catcher in the Rye
        Major Assignments: analyze a cause-effect relationship, construct a visual and written
        account of the student’s search for self, 30-minute SAT prompt

III.    Satire: The Pen as Scalpel
        In this unit, we will examine the techniques of satire and it’s uses throughout the history of
        Texts: Animal Farm
        Major Assignments: expository essay that addresses the power of satire as a tool for change,
        persuasive essay, 30-minute SAT prompt

 IV.    The World of Romance
        In this unit, we will define and interpret Romantic literature, identifying its common themes
        and motifs.
        Texts: The Canterbury Tales, The Princess Bride
        Major Assignments: an original narrative, explanation of how a text contains Romantic
        traits, analysis of a text in terms of Romantic characteristics, 30-minute SAT prompt

 V.     Midterm and Final Exams
        These cumulative examinations lay it all out on the table: what did we learn this semester?
         The grade for the midterm consists of a comprehensive exam and the second quarter county
        assessment. The final examination is divided into three parts: a performance assessment, the
        fourth quarter county assessment, and a comprehensive exam given on the last day of English
                                           Points of Focus
HSA Success:
      Students take the State of Maryland’s High School Assessment for English at the
      conclusion of the 10th grade. Passing this test will be a graduation requirement for
      the class of 2013. Therefore, we will prepare students through class drills and activities,
      as well as through four county assessments (each test will be given towards the end of
      each marking period). The assessments for marking periods one and three will be worth
      5% of the marking period grade, while the assessments for marking periods two and four
      will be worth part of the midterm and final exam grades.

Research Skills:
       We will build the skills required for the students to successfully write a research paper
       throughout the semester. The paper itself will be written during unit marking periods two
       and three. Many aspects of the paper will be collaborative, but each student will be
       graded as an individual and will be responsible for the final product.

      Technology will play a large part in English 10 Honors. We will utilize the World Wide
      Web, power point, and video production. Part of the class portfolio may reflect the
      student’s use of technology in a project. Using a lap top computer is acceptable, and in
      some instances we will use mobile technology in class. Any use of cell phones outside of
      the teacher’s instructions, though, is not acceptable.

       Students will often be required to write journal entries in the journal section of their
       notebook. Student privacy will be respected at all times with regards to journals.
       Students will be encouraged, but not required, to share journal entries. I will not read any
       journal entries that the student labels with “please don’t read” (of course, if all entries are
       labeled in such a way, there might be a problem). Journals are a safe haven for the
       students to reflect and grow as writers, and to record their thoughts. Journals will be
       graded on the basis of whether the student completed the journal assignment, and how
       much thought is apparent. Journals will not be graded on grammar or spelling.

SAT Preparation:
      SAT scores are of tremendous importance in gaining entrance to college. Therefore, the
      English department at River Hill High School begins instruction on improving verbal
      skills from the first day of a student’s freshman year. English 10 Honors focuses on
      sentence completion strategies, writing the 20-minute essay, and grammar.

       Homework will often consist of a reading assignment. I will give frequent quizzes in
       order to check on student comprehension of the reading. These will not necessarily be
       announced. In addition to these, there will be announced quizzes given on a day’s (or
       week’s) instruction.

       Assessments will be given in the form of constructed responses, extended critical
       responses, objective tests, county assessments, and formal, typed essays. Each unit will
       end with a formal assessment. Other assessments will include group and individual
       projects, posters, and presentations.
Classroom Materials Needed:
       1. A single three-ring binder with two divider tabs. These sections should be labeled:
                   a. drills / notes / journals
                   b. handouts / quizzes / tests
       2. Loose leaf notebook paper (and plenty of it)—no spiral notebooks
       3. Blue / black ink pens, #2 pencils
       4. 100 3x5 index cards (for research paper and oral presentations)
       5. I would also suggest getting a three-hole punch that can be inserted into your binder.
          This is not required, but would be extremely useful.

This syllabus is subject to change per the teacher’s discretion.
                              Classroom Procedures and Policies

Without rules, there is anarchy. And so, to avoid any anarchic situation, we must all keep to a
few basic, yet important, guidelines and expectations:

-   The English 10 classroom is a sanctuary. It is a safe haven for all students. It is a place
    where students are in no way subjected to verbal or physical abuse, as well as passive assent
    to either of these. Anything that is done to disturb this safety, by anyone, is unacceptable.

-   No joking matter. I hope English will be fun as well as educational, but some subjects are
    not appropriate material for jokes. These include, but are not limited to: your peers (see
    “sanctuary” above), alcohol and drugs, and violence. Such comments, even if made in a
    lighthearted manner, will be treated seriously.

-   Be on time. There is more than enough time between classes for students to get to class on
    time. “On time” means that the students are seated and have whatever they need for the day
    ready to go. (See lateness policy below).

-   Work hard. Some students might not be the next Brendan Behan, but all students are
    required to put their absolute maximum effort forward in this class. This means that
    homework assignments are done on time and neatly, and that all students participate in large
    and small group activities. Major assignments (typed essays, research paper, projects) are
    due on the assigned date. If a student is sick on the day that a major assignment (an
    assignment worth more than 15 points) is due, he/she must either deliver the assignment to
    school or email to me by 3:00 on that date. Grades are earned, not given. (See grading
    policy below).

-   Be prepared. You don’t have to be a Boy or Girl Scout to adhere to this very important
    principle of both my class and for life beyond the English classroom. You must enter the
    classroom with everything you will need for that day of class. Items you will need every day
    are your English binder, pens, pencils, and notebook paper. Being prepared also means being
    prepared mentally the second the bell rings—come to class well-rested and ready to learn and

-   All school rules apply to the English 10 classroom. Read and know the student handbook.
    Some rules to note: no iPods or cell phones, no hats, no food or drink (except for a clear
    plastic bottle of water).

-   Homework and Grade Updates. I have a website at
    http://teacherweb.com/MD/RiverHill/Tromble/ on which I post homework assignments. I
    will keep student grades online via Aspen. How to access Aspen will be announced soon.

My E-Mail Address: wayne_tromble@hcpss.org
Phone Number: 410-331-7120 or 410-331-0179
Homework Web Site : http://teacherweb.com/MD/RiverHill/Tromble/
                                         Day to Day Policies
Bathroom Use
       Student assignment books are used as hallway passes. Without your assignment book, you
       will not be permitted in the hallway during class. Chronic use of the bathroom may result in
       parental notification and / or administrative action.

        As said above, students are expected to be in their seats and ready to go when the bell rings.
        The first lateness will result in a verbal warning, the second will result in a 30-minute teacher
        detention (and the parents will be contacted), and the third will result in a disciplinary referral
        to the students’ administrator. Any further lateness will also be referred to the administration.

       Attendance is an extremely important part of this class. It is the student’s responsibility to
       make up all of the work of the day(s) missed. For excused absences, the student will be
       given one day for each day missed to turn in the make-up work. Any work assigned prior to
       the absence is due the day the student returns. The student will have two days to make up any
       missed quizzes or tests. A student who has an unexcused absence will receive no credit for
       any work due on that day. It is very important that a student brings in a note whenever s/he
       is absent. Both excused and unexcused absences for each class will be noted on the
       student’s report card.

      Parents can see what assignments are due by checking my web site,
      http://teacherweb.com/MD/RiverHill/Tromble/ , for updates on homework assignments.
      Homework will be given every night. Written homework assignments must be turned in to
      the homework “Inbox” at the very beginning of class. Student work will then be returned
      through the “Outbox.” Assignments turned in a day late will receive no more than half credit
      on the assignment. No assignments will be accepted more than one day late. Each student
      will receive two “grace notes” which will allow them to complete a missed homework
      assignment. There are only two grace notes for the entire year. Parents can check the
      student’s grade at any time by logging onto Aspen.

        “But my printer broke!!!”—If an assignment needs to be word-processed, get it done ahead
        of time. Allow for Murphy’s Law, which states that students who try to type a paper up the
        night before it is due will invariably have a tragic technological experience. Unfortunately,
        these tragedies do not count as excuses, and the assignment will be treated as late.

Homework-Free Weekends
      Homecoming, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Super Bowl, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Prom

Academic Integrity
      I will not tolerate cheating of any kind. This includes copying homework, allowing someone
      else to copy your homework, plagiarism, and falsification. Any incidents of cheating will
      result in a zero for all offending parties, as well as parental notification and administrative
      referral. Correct citation is expected whenever an outside source is used (other than the
      assigned text) in an assignment. When homework is assigned, it is expected that the student
      will complete the assignment by him/herself. Soliciting and/or providing help to another
      student is cheating, and will be dealt with as such. Plagiarism and other violations of
      Academic Integrity are serious offenses and will be dealt with according to policy
      published in your Student Handbook.
                                         Grading Policy

The cumulative grade for English 10 Honors will be determined using a points value system.
Everything is weighted the same, but larger assignments have larger point values. To calculate
the student’s grade, add up total points received and divide it by total points possible. The
students will receive an interim report halfway through each marking period and a report card at
the end of each marking period. Students and parents can view the student’s grades on Aspen.

Grading Scale
                89.5 – 100               A
                79.5 – 89.4              B
                69.5 – 79.4              C
                59.5 – 69.4              D
                59.4 and Below           E

Graded Assignments
       Classwork: individual and group activities completed during class. Points will vary by

        Homework: written homework assignments will be checked for completion and accuracy
        and generally are worth ten points.

        County Assessments: Will be 4 tests given towards the end of each marking period.
        County assessments for marking periods one and three will count 5% of the marking
        period grade. The marking period two county assessment will count as part of the
        midterm examination, and the marking period four county assessment will count as part
        of the final examination.

        Quizzes: will be given intermittently and will range in point value (generally from 10-40

        Journals: there will be journal assignments that will be checked intermittently.

        Notebook: the students must keep their English 9 binders neat and organized, with
        assignments and handouts kept in their proper sections in chronological order. Notebook
        checks are 10-point quizzes (generally given on Thursdays) that insure the student stays
        up to date on homework, classwork, drills, and class notes.

        Midterm Exam: this will cover material from semester one, and includes an objective
        examination, a portfolio essay, and the second county assessment.

        Final Exam: this will cover material from semester two, and includes an objective
        examination, a performance assessment, and the fourth county assessment.

     Mr. Tromble,

     I have read the attached class policies, grading policies, and syllabus. I will do my best to
     live up to the requirements and expectations during this semester in English 9 Honors.

     _________________________                                  _________________
            Student Signature                                                Date

            Student e-mail address

     I have read the attached class policies, grading policies, and syllabus. I will do my best to
     help my child live up to the requirements and expectations during this semester in
     English 9 Honors.

     _________________________                                  _________________
     Parent / Guardian Signature                                             Date

     Parent / Guardian e-mail address

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