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									                                                                     Spain Park High School
                                                      English Department Academic Requirements: 12th Grade

General Policies
        No late homework will be accepted.
        Formal essays and projects will be accepted late at a 10% per calendar day penalty.
        The research paper is excepted from the above and left entirely to teacher discretion.
        MLA rules for documentation will be the department standard.

Summer Reading
       Summer reading should be used as a way to introduce important themes, topics, and concepts that will be explored and refined throughout the year..
       All teachers will begin the year with a short objective quiz and a writing assignment requiring students to examine some aspect of the novel they read.
       Students enrolling late will be given three weeks to complete summer reading.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
       Mastery of all Alabama High School Graduation Exam objectives will be expected.
       Direct, explicit re-teaching of AHSGE objectives will be used only when conducting remediation for those students yet to pass the language portion of that
       Effective written and verbal expression is the ultimate goal of instruction in grammar, usage, and mechanics; any assessment should reflect this.
       Relevant conventions and rules of standard written English will be reinforced and refined most meaningfully within the context of student composition.
       Vocabulary instruction will be weekly using the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Level G Workbook. Students will work themselves in the workbook to prepare
        for a unit quiz.

          Students in English 12 will write at least four formal essays per semester.
          Composition instruction will emphasize persuasion. The construction of the argument and the use of textual support to develop it will both be key in
          Students will employ the multi-paragraph essay model when writing formal essays.
          Essays should include the following:
                o      MLA heading and title.
                o      Appropriate thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph.
                o      Topic and concluding sentences in body paragraphs.
                o      Transitional words and/or phrases within and between paragraphs.
                o      Sufficient supporting detail and exemplification within body paragraphs.
          Essays should be free of the following:
                o      Sentence fragments, run-ons, and comma splices.
                o      Subject/Verb and pronoun/antecedent disagreement in number and/or gender.
                o      Second person pronoun usage.
                o      Misspelled words, errors in capitalization, and incorrect punctuation.
          Both content and mechanics will be considered when grading formal essays.
          To the extent possible, teachers will maintain common standards in the evaluation of student writing.
          Students will extend their understanding of the research process by writing a researched essay in accordance with MLA guidelines. Both process and
           product will be considered when assigning a grade.
          Teachers will assign a common research assignment.
          Students will read and examine the following required texts:
                o      Summer reading selections
                o      1984
                o      Beowulf
                o      Selections from The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer
                o      Selections from Le Morte D’Arthur, Malory
                o      Antigone, Sophocles
                o      Macbeth, William Shakespeare
                o      The Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare
                o      Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
                o      The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
          Other appropriate poems, short stories, plays, novels, and prose may be assigned at teacher discretion. Wide latitude is given here to allow for creativity and
          Optional texts should be chosen to reflect diversity of genre, ethnicity, and gender.
          In addition to literature study, teachers will present students with fifteen literary, mythological, or cultural allusions each nine weeks. Students are
           responsible for copying the allusions down and will have a quiz at the end of the nine week period on the fifteen allusions.

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