Freshmen English Content by OHjTmM1


									                            Freshmen English Content


        Short Stories-tied with literary terminology and reading strategies
        Inherit the Wind-Lawrence and Lee
        The Odyssey- Homer
        House on Mango Street- Cisneros
        Romeo and Juliet- Shakespeare
        Lord of the Flies- Golding
        All Quiet on the Western Front- Remarque (this will be supplementary)
        Poetry

Other Areas of Study:

        Position Paper (on controversial issue) + Research/Web Evaluation
        Individual Novel Reading with projects (Based on student choice)
        Critical/Expository Writing-focus on process/skills
        Persuasive Writing (i.e. This I Believe Essay)
        Creative Writing
        Grammar
        CSAP Prep
        Vocabulary
        Performances/Tableaux
        Inquiry Design
        Reading Strategies
        Critical Thinking Skills
        Questioning
        Non-fiction with summary response

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