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									How do you know if these bull terrier pups are the right match for you?

    1. Bull terriers are not first time dog owners dogs.
    2. This breed can be described as:
          a. Vocal
          b. Alert
          c. Playful and Comical
          d. Inquisitive
          e. Amusing and amused
          f. Brave
          g. Affectionate
          h. Active – Daily exercise needed.
          i. Devoted
          j. Smart
          k. Coordinated
          l. Graceful
          m. Stubborn

    3. Do you consider yourself a responsible person? The breed can live for 9-12 yrs
    and as old as 18 yrs. Are you willing to make that commitment for the dog’s entire
    life span? If yes, continue.

    4. Are you looking for a new member of the family? If yes, continue.

    5. Have you been around a bull terrier? Do you have any bull terrier books? You
    must be familiar with the breed, more than just wanting one and seeing them in
    movies. Strongly recommend to get on and pick 10 random bull terrier
    videos to get a feel for the breed even if you already know one or two.  Plus its
    super entertaining.

Fun Facts- History:
 The breed derives from “Dalmatian, Greyhound, Spanish Pointer, Foxhound and Whippet to
increase elegance and agility; and Borzoi and Collie to reduce the stop. Hinks*** wanted his dogs
white, and bred specifically for this. Generally, however, breeding was aimed at increasing
sturdiness: three "subtypes" were recognized by judges, Bulldog, Terrier and Dalmatian, each
with its specific conformation, and a balance is now sought between the three. The first modern
Bull Terrier is now recognized as "Lord Gladiator", from 1917, being the first dog with no stop at
          ***Hinks-“About 1850, James Hinks started breeding "Bull and Terriers" with "English
White Terriers" (now extinct), looking for a cleaner appearance with better legs and nicer head. In
1862, Hinks entered a bitch called "Puss" sired by his white Bulldog called "Madman" into the Bull
Terrier Class at the dog show held at the Cremorne Gardens in Chelsea. Originally known as the
"Hinks Breed" and "The White Cavalier", these dogs did not yet have the now-familiar "egg face",
but kept the stop in the skull profile.”

Famous Bull Terriers

        Abraxas Aaran, who portrayed Willie, the title character's dog, in the 1970 film Patton.
        Baxter, from the film Baxter - with the tagline, "Méfiez-vous du chien qui pense." ("Beware the dog that thinks.")
        Blue, owned by Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry, is widely considered to be almost as famous as
    Cherry himself.[44]
        Bodger, an old white bull terrier, is a major character in the book The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford and
    the movie
        Brut, in the novel, Answers to Brut, by Gillian Rubinstein
        Bullseye is the name of a bull terrier owned by Bill Sikes in the movie Oliver!.
        Bullseye mascot of the Target Corporation
        Chester, Chad's (Preppy) dog in Rockstar Vancouver's video game Bully
        Chico, a dog in Next Friday and Friday After Next
        Creampuff, one of Irish Murphy's pig hunting dogs from the Footrot Flats comic series.[45]
        Darla, a bull terrier owned by Kirk Hammett of the thrash metal band Metallica.
        Dave, an old white bull terrier of the Priory Estate.
        Diablo, a bull terrier owned by Hip-Hop artist Adil Omar.
        Fritz, the black-and-white bull terrier who appears in every Chris Van Allsburg book.
        Fuchs, owned by Adolf Hitler during World War I. During the war it was stolen from him.
        Grimm, of the cartoon series Mother Goose and Grimm.
        Jock, one of the most famous dogs in South Africa. He was the companion of the Percy Fitzpatrick. A book was
    written about him by Fitzpatrick, It was called Jock of the Bushveld.
        Kiwi, Odd's dog is rumored to be a bull terrier but he looks more like a Whippet.
        Lefty, the bilaterally deaf Bull Terrier who earned over 25 agility titles in his lifetime and won an Honorable
    Mention for the AKC's ACE Award for his therapy dog work.
        Lockjaw, Pepper's companion in Sierra's Pepper's Adventures in Time.
        Meatball, White bull terrier pet of Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington in Baa Baa Black Sheep (TV series).
        Mumps, the bull terrier who wanders around with Bob Jakin, a prominent character in the novel "The Mill on the
    Floss" by George Eliot.
        Pete, from the Fox-television series "Keen Eddie", 13 episodes, 2003
        Rex from the film Stealing Harvard. Rex is a mean dog who always agrees with his master. However, his
    crankyness goes away when he tries to bite a man in the crotch and ends up falling in love and having sex with him.
        Ronnie, Rick Springfield's bull terrier appearing on the cover of his album Working Class Dog.
        Rude Dog.
        Rufus, the most decorated bull terrier in the history of the breed; winnings include National Dog Show (Best in
    Show, 2005), the Morris & Essex Kennel Club (Best in Show, 2005), and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
    (Best in Show, 2006).
        Sam, who accompanied Alby Mangels, Dutch-Australian adventurer, on his world travels.
       Scud, from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.
       Sparky, the dog who appears in "Frankenweenie"
       Spuds MacKenzie - "star" of Bud Light beer commercials in the late 1980s
       Spunky, of Rocko's Modern Life, resembles a Bull Terrier and was also the name of a famous MA Bull Terrier.
       Sputnik from Space Buddies.
       Tugg, a bull terrier that has gained a large internet following on facebook. He was found as an abused and
    abandoned dog, and has chronicled his recovery on the net for all to see. [46]
       The Bull Terrier from the 1998 film Babe: Pig in the City.
       Whiskey, from the Eidos Commandos series
       Wildfire, from the 1955 film It's A Dog's Life
       Willie, owned by World War II US Army General George S. Patton and named after William the Conqueror.
       Unnamed bull terriers regularly appearing in New Yorker cartoonist George Booth's cartoons.[47]
       Unnamed dog from Angry Kid
       Unnamed dog from The Unborn
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Our dogs are not “cheap” dogs; we strive for quality in temperament, appearance and
health and take all necessary actions to get it. We are honored to be able to raise and own
Bull Terriers and we love them as a family member and we expect that from owners of
our pups also. Our dogs/puppies do not live outside and or in kennels. Pedigrees and
health records available upon request.

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