In Years Ten and Eleven by SGOVhy96


									The person appointed

The person appointed will be well qualified and committed to the
teaching of Chemistry.
                                                                   West Kirby Grammar
This is an exciting opportunity to work with a dedicated team of
teachers within a successful department.


Letter of application with the names and contact details of two
referees, CV and completed application form should be sent to
the Headteacher, Mrs G Robinson.

Closing Date: Monday 21 May 2012

                                                                   TEACHER OF CHEMISTRY
         WEST KIRBY GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS                            Science College

                                                                        The school became a Specialist Science College in September
                                                                        2005 and was redesignated in 2009. All mathematics rooms and
                            The School                                  a number of science laboratories have been refurbished.
                                                                        Certainly the sciences have benefitted from improved resources.

                                                                        There is a Science College Manager and a Science Community
West Kirby Grammar School is a group 7 selective school of 1200         teacher. The school has developed strong links with Higher
girls drawn from a wide catchment area.                                 Education and the local primary schools and is in partnership with
                                                                        the Ogden Trust.
Pupils are taught in unstreamed forms during their first three years,
apart from Mathematics where there is currently some setting. In
Years Ten and Eleven, girls follow a core curriculum of English,
French, German, Spanish, Mathematics, Technology, Sciences,
History, Religious Studies or Geography, Personal, Social and
Health Education and Physical Education, in addition to two other
subjects. They are taught in mixed ability groups depending on their    The Department and the Role

The academic work of the School is organised on a departmental          The Chemistry department is strong. It consists of a Head of
basis and academic standards are high. In 2011, 98% of Year             Department and two full-time teachers. One of the Assistant
Eleven pupils achieved a minimum of five passes (Grade A-C) at          Headteachers also teaches within the department.
GCSE Level and 62% of the grades achieved were A or A*.
                                                                        All teachers are specialists within their own field and there is little
The Sixth Form consists of 350 students, the majority taking three      teaching outside of the science specialism. Almost all lessons are
Advanced Levels or a mixture of Advanced and Advanced                   taught in laboratories. There are three Science Technicians.
Subsidiary Levels. In addition to their chosen subjects, Sixth
Formers follow a core programme of General Studies, Activities,         Separate Sciences are taught from Years 7. The three Separate
Community Service and Work Experience. In 2011, 74% of the              Sciences are popular options at KS4, with usually about three
grades achieved at Advanced Level were A*, A or B.                      quarters of the cohort studying them: the rest of the cohort
                                                                        studying Science. At Advanced level numbers are very good and
The Pastoral Care System is Form based, and the work of the Form        growing in all the Sciences.
Tutors is co-ordinated and supported by Year Heads.
                                                                        Results in Chemistry at GCSE and Advanced level are
The School places a strong emphasis on providing a wide range of        consistently very good.
extension and enrichment opportunities.

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