sitting by JelDote


									Jielle Anne G. Dote                                                                    July 10, 2011
Medicine – IB                                                                          Group Seven

          It’s been three weeks ago since Doc Española introduced a few meditation techniques to
the class of freshmen medical students. At first, I was a little doubtful about meditating. I don’t
believe in the power of “silence” for maximizing one’s focusing abilities. For me, it is just a waste
of time. If one really wants to relax or unwind from the stresses in life, he or she may watch a
movie, sleep, eat, surf the internet or simply do nothing.
          Nobody has ever taught me certain methods of meditation before. Doc Española
demonstrated to us the Lotus position as the proper way of sitting during meditation. She also
mentioned to us the “tripod” and the right position of the thumbs while the hands are clasped
together (left-over-right to suppress the more active part of the body). Actually, I am a bit
skeptical about everything. But I did it all anyway because there’s no harm in trying.
          Five minutes of silence. The room was filled with a hundred and ten freshmen students
and a psychiatrist. No clocks ticking. No voices speaking. Just silence, and a little bit of
humming from the air-conditioning units and electric fans. I think that was the first time I
experienced that much silence for the longest time. Five minutes have passed. I was craving for
more silence.
          As I went home, I tried doing it again. I was a bit disappointed. I was unable to attain
what I’ve experienced in that room. The next evening, I did it again, but my mind was simply
bothered by everything else. For the past weeks, I was trying to meditate. But my bedroom
remains to be the noisiest place in the world. Even when there’s silence in the outside, my mind
still becomes the most troubling environment. I think I may have to stick to my previous ways of
relaxing as the Lotus Posture and five to ten minutes of silence are not enough to clear my
thoughts. However, I’m not wiping out the possibility of me trying the technique again in the

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