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									Review: Alphabet
Review: Homework
Students GUESS in small groups the followings:
1- The number of letters of the alphabet (Consonant vs. Vowels!!)
2-Number of countries that use Arabic as Official language
3-Number of Speakers of Arabic around the world
4-The missing letters from the alphabet that they did not learn yet
5- Draw Venn diagram of letters (English and Arabic) Common and
Introduce: the Last Three Letters and the non-joining letters.
Practice: Writing the letters initially, in the middle and at the end
Ask: about borrowed words from Arabic to English and vice versa:
Sugar/ algebra/ cotton
Vs. Use of English words in colloquial Arabic
(Showing pictures of Mac and Burger King)
Shopping/ mall/ fast food/ restaurant/ taxi/ hotel/ bank/
cafeteria/ coffee-shop/ computer

Research for more words used by English speakers that are originally
Improve hand writing
Introducing the other culture’s input into the world
Strengthen the students’ knowledge of the letters separately and
in conjunction with other letter

Georgia Department of Education Standards
Course: 63.01100 Arabic Level I-New

8 Topic: Communication: interpersonal: Exchange simple spoken and written
information in the target language, utilizing cultural reference where appropriate.

Standard: Use sequenced information, such as the alphabet, days of the week,
months, seasons, and numbers 0 to 100 in context.

23 Topic: Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products: Develop an awareness of
perspectives, practices and products of the cultures where the target language is

Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of contributions of target cultures(s) to

32 Topic: Connections, Comparisons, and communities: Compare the basic elements
of the target language to the English languages.

Standard: Recognize similarities and differences in sound systems, writing systems.

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