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									Storyboard Rubric                           Name:
English 12

Create a storyboard with nine tiles for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or
for Le Morte d’Arthur. Use the following guidelines when creating your
     Choose nine significant events from the story (one for each tile).
     Provide a written and detailed explanation of each event.
     Each written explanation should be at least three sentences in
     Include three important quotes from the story somewhere in your
       nine event descriptions. Write the quote exactly as it appears in the
       story. Be sure to explain the significance of the quote. Why did you
       choose it? What does it tell us about the characters? What does it
       tell us about the time period? What can today’s readers learn from
       the quote?
     Include a detailed drawing for each event (this includes using color
       to help tell your story).
     Outline the tile that depicts the climax of the story in red.

Nine events              5            4           3            2

Description              10           8           6            4
of each event (at
least three sentences

Three important          5            4           3            2
quotes are used
and explained

Detailed drawing         5            4           3            2
for each event
(including color)

Climax outlined?         Yes                                          No
                          5                                            0

Total points:

_______ / 30

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