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					                                 SCHOOL OF ENGLISH
                Level 2: Single, Joint and Combined Honours 2011-12

Another questionnaire! But this one concerns the whole Level 2 programme, rather than individual
modules. Now that you are about to complete your Level 2 studies, we would be grateful if you would
give us your impressions of the overall programme so far.

Please bring this to the Options talk, or email to; or hand in to Student
Support Centre, 19 Abercromby Square.

Please indicate your programme:            Single Honours English
                                           Joint Honours English and ………………..
                                           Combined Honours (Arts/SES/Flexi)

1.     Did you find the Level 2 English programme overall to be:
                                                     too easy           too difficult        about right?
Additional comments:

2.     Did you find the overall workload in English:
                                                     too light         too heavy             about right?
Additional comments:

3.     The following is a list of the main subject-specific skills that we aim to help you with during
       your English studies at Level 2. Tick those which you feel you have developed or improved,
       and put a cross against those which you have not developed or improved. (Note that some
       may not be applicable to you because of the modules you have taken – in that case please put
       n/a against them.)
        ability to read literary texts sensitively and with close attention to detail

        awareness that there is a range of approaches to the reading and criticism of literature

        awareness of the historical and cultural contexts in which literature is grounded

        ability to reflect on your own reading practices, and those of others, so that you
        understand better the factors which influence judgements
        ability to understand and produce linguistic descriptions of English

        ability to recognise and analyse the ways in which language reflects and constructs
        different socio-cultural and ideological contexts
        ability to recognise and use appropriate referencing and other bibliographic

        Transferrable skills: Apart from the subject-specific skills listed above, has the programme
        helped you to develop more general skills? (Again, some in the list may not be applicable.)
        ability to express yourself confidently and articulately in writing
        ability to express yourself confidently and articulately orally
        IT skills
        data-handling and analysis
        interpersonal skills
        others – please specify:

           [In the questions below, use the scale 1-5 where 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree]

4.     Do you feel that the English programme as a whole so far strengthened your interest in
       English studies?
                                                                   1      2       3        4           5
Additional comments:

5.      Did you get sufficient help from your tutors?
                                                                         1     2       3       4       5
Any additional comments:

6.      Did you find the programme of lectures/seminars helpful?
                                                                         1     2      3        4       5
Any additional comments:

7.     Did you find the resources of the library adequate for your needs?
                                                                    1          2      3        4       5
Any additional comments:

8.      Do you have any suggestions as to how the programme could be strengthened?

                                                Thank you.

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