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									Virulent Diseases in the Workplace
Some jobs require direct contact with viruses, such as jobs in hospitals and
nursing care clinics, and some are just part of the job, such as virology studies
and disease control. Some diseases can be spread through the exchange of
bodily fluids, such as the HIV and AIDS viruses, and some diseases are in the
mind, such as emotional alcoholism or self
cutting and masochism. Whether the focus is to
get attention, crave help for suffering, or to just
survive another day, people handle different
types of virulent diseases in very different
In the workplace, people enjoy talking behind
each others’ backs. Office politics are quite
common because they are, in essence,
enjoyable for the participants. On the jobsite, employees enjoy complaining
about how they are being put upon by “the man,” even if they enjoy their job,
because it instigates a feeling of camaraderie between them and their coworkers.
It is, in essence, a form of bonding.
Disease is not something to just be avoided or to be fearful of. Disease, all
disease, which begins in the mental and emotional states, becomes social and
physical as time goes on. The trick is to be aware of what disease looks like in
others so that you can avoid it, and in yourself so that you can rip it out of
As far as other diseases and issues go, they are far more likely to occur in
substance abusers than in any other people. For that reason, Mediscreen
provides onsite drug and alcohol testing for companies throughout Australia
which desire to keep their workplaces as healthy as possible, both physically and
otherwise. Professionalism demands that employee safety be made top priority
at all time. Mediscreen offers drug and alcohol testing on your jobsite or in your
place of business, we store your employee testing records at your site, and we
take any questionable tests results back to the lab for you. No commute and less
money. Workplace drug testing can be as easy as that. Don’t over think it. Call
Mediscreen today for more information about drug screening in your area: (+61)
1300 79 70 40.

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