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									                       JEFFERSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE
English 101                                                         D. Papin
          Assignment #1: Required Summer Diagnostic Reading/Writing:

The purpose of this diagnostic writing assignment is to help me determine if you have
been correctly placed in English 101 as well as to ascertain your strengths/weaknesses as
a writer. This is a required writing assignment and will count as a grade. Please read the
assigned article carefully, and write your best essay in response to the question(s) posed.

      This essay must be written and submitted via email prior to August 31,2007
      A hard copy of the essay and a completed outline should be submitted on the first
       day of class in September
      Essay must be at least 5 or more paragraphs (approx. 500-750 words)
      Write on only 1 side of the paper
      Word-process in 12 pt. Times Roman font; double space throughout

Read: “Who Needs College?” by Linda Lee on pages 48-50 of Perspectives on
Contemporary Issues. (Handout with article is attached).

As a high school senior taking a college course, you may have pondered some of the
questions raised in Lee’s essay. Is America “obsessed with college” (49)? Should
everyone seek a college degree immediately after high school-or at all? Is it possible
to be successful in America without a college degree? Why is the college dropout
rate so high?

Use all the skills you have honed in previous classes to address the topic of college in a
well-developed essay. Make sure that your essay has an introduction that introduces the
subject matter, the main points of the discussion, and a thesis statement. You must take
a stand in your thesis (that is, a position on something) and support that stance in the
body of the essay with evidence. Evidence comes in the form of statistical data, textual
reference, illustrations, and examples. The body paragraphs of your essay should be well
developed and organized clearly. In order for your essay to be clear to your reader, you
must use transitional words, phrases, and sentences within the paragraph and to
change thoughts and begin another paragraph. Transitional phrases show how thoughts
are connected to support your stance or position (thesis). The conclusion should sum up
the main points that you discussed in the essay.

Be sure to organize your ideas. You should develop an outline in order to do this. If you
attempt to answer the questions that I pose without organizing, your essay will not make
logical sense. A 5-paragraph outline form is attached; you may use it or you may write
an outline on your own paper, following the correct format.

You’re being asked to critique and analyze. That means that you must think reflectively
on the topic of college and attempt to answer the “why” and “how.” Not only must you
attempt to answer the “how” and the “why” intelligibly, but you must be able to explain
your position effectively and in a clear manner. Reference Lee’s essay as much as
possible, but do not over quote specific material. As you reference the text and
paraphrase or quote material that supports your position or that you want to refute,
use parenthetical citations.

Be clear, coherent, and logical –and write your best essay ever!

Grading Criteria:
    Thesis statement
    Unified paragraphs that support thesis
    Transitions
    Development of logical, sufficient support
    Organization
    Conclusion
    Grammar
    Sentence Structure

Two checklists have been attached. You may wish to use these as a guide to revising and
editing your essay.

All English 101 students will complete a diagnostic essay. If you fail to complete the
diagnostic essay, you will not be admitted into English 101.


Do not attempt to write this essay without first having read the assigned reading!
Do the work entirely on your own. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in
immediate disqualification from English 101.

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