EAST CENTRAL RAILWAY
                                     Tender Notice No. M/277/Dta Entry/ 11 (Open)

1. For and on behalf of the President of Union of India “OPEN TENDER” in sealed cover is invited from bonafide
   contractors which will be accepted according to the item and information shown below.

2.    Description of work :- Execution of data entry works at Combined Crew lobby Samastipur, Narkatiaganj,
     Saharsa,Darbhanga and Power Control Office of Samastipur Division through out side agency on contract basis
     for one year.

3.   Details of tender :
                Approx.     Earnest       Cost of           Last date        Date of opening of    Completion of
                  Cost      Money       Tender Form         of sale of            tender              work
                (in Rs.)    (in Rs.)      (in Rs.)      tender document
              904320.00    18090.00       2000.00         09.03.2011             10.03.2011           One year

                 NOTE :-
              1. Tender Form :
a.   Can be obtained on written request and on submission of money receipt issued by Divisional Cashier ,
     E.C.Rilway,Samastipur against non-refundable cash payment of Rs. 2000.00 (Rupees two thousand) only
     between 10.00 hrs. to 13.00 hrs on any working day from 23.02.11 to 09.03.11 from office of the Divisional
     Railway Manager /Mech.(Power), E.C.Railway, Samastipur.
b.   Can be obtained by post on written request against the non-refundable Money Order of Rs.2500.00 (Rupees
     Two thousand five hundred) only sent in favour of DRM/Mechanical/ECR/Samastipur Pin- 848101, to be
     received 15 (Fifteen) days earlier from the date of opening of the Tender . Railway administration will not be
     responsible if the tender document sent by registered post is missed or not delivered in time.
c.   Tender paper will be made available 15 days earlier from the date of opening of the tender on E.C.Railway’s
     Website http:www.ecr.indianrailways.gov.in, but Railway administration will not be responsible for any delay
     /difficulty /inaccessibility of the down loading facility for any reason what so ever .
d.   In case, the tender documents are downloaded from the website, the tender must be accompanied with the
     requisite cost of the tender paper in shape of separate Demand Draft Pledged in favour of FA & CAO/
     E.C.Railway, payable at Samastipur.

           2. Tender dropping & opening :

a) Tender may be dropped in the prescribed tender box made available in the office of the DRM (Mehanical)
   / East Central Railway / Samastipur office up to 12.00 hrs.of 10 th March’2011 and the tender will be opened
   on the same day i.e. 10.03.2011 at 12.30 P.M.

b) In case the date of tender dropping & opening happens to a closed day due to strike, bund , holiday or under
   any un-usual circumstances, the tender programmed will be carried on as per schedule on the next working

            3. Documents required :
          Following documents are required to be accompanied with the tender forms being submitted in sealed
     a) Earnest Money in the shape of demand draft/deposit receipt issued by any nationalized bank and pledged
     in favour of FA&CAO, ECR payable at Samastipur.

                                                                                                    Contd. Page 2

4.a) Tenderer (s) have to fill up the rate in figure and words in the specified column of schedule attached
with the tender document, each page of the tender documents should be signed by the tenderer(s) and
should mention complete postal address.
  b) Data entry work is related to Computerized Management System of Crew (Loco pilots, Asstt.Loco Pilots &
Guard) related to train operation and various datas to be maintained related to them round the clock.
     Hence expenditure on the activity has to be furnished in terms of utilization of man power for the

5. a)In case of any discrepancy between the tender documents down loaded from internet and the
Master copy available in office as mentioned above, the later shall prevail and will be binding on the
    In case of any confusion occurred, the information contained in English version will be treated valid.

 b) Tender document once purchased by the particular tenderer, can’t be transferred to others for the

6.a) Tenderer (s) should acquire full knowledge of the working culture/conditions from personal inspection
of the work site and from the sheets “ special conditions” and others attached with the tender documents.

  b) The successful bidder have to give performance guarantee amounting to 5% of the contract value. In
addition to above Security Deposit for the work will be 5% of contract value which will be recovered only from
the running bills of the contractor @ 10% of the billed amount till full realisation of the Security Deposit.
Security deposits will be recovered only from the running bills of the contractor and no other mode of
collecting SD such as SD in the form of instrument like BG, FD etc shall be accepted towards security

 c) The successful bidder if refuse the offer within the valid date/ withdraws /fails to take over the work
of tender sanctioned, the earnest Money deposited will be forfeited.

  d) Other terms and conditions, applicable to this tender, are incorporated in the Tender documents and the
Railway Administration reserve the right to accept or reject the tender without assigning any reason

                                                                  Divisional Rail Manager (Mech)
                                                                   East Central Rail/ Samastipur
                                                             For & on behalf of the President of India
                                               iwoZ e/; jsy

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        ¼#Ik;s esa½ ¼#Ik;s         izi=    dk fcdzh     dh [kqyus     dh dh vcf/k
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           904320.00      18090.00   2000.00    09.03.2011   10.03.2011     ,d o"kZ

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                          ¼okLrs Hkkjr ds jk"V~ifr ds fy, vkSj mudh vksj ls½

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