Aspects of Narrative ~ Year 12 Summer Reading by 32Gp64yR


									                         Literature post-1900 ~ Year 12 Summer Reading

In the English Department we teach a wide range of texts at AS level. Over the summer
holiday we would like you to read at least one novel and a selection of poetry from those listed

We would like you to return in September with thoughts on the following questions:
        who is telling the story?
        what places are important?
        how are characters created?
        does time always follow a linear direction?
        how do writers open and close their texts?
        At the end of the day, what messages do you think the writers wanted to leave you with?

                                     That should get you thinking!


Mary Shelley ~ Frankenstein
Charlotte Bronte ~ Jane Eyre
Oscar Wilde ~ The Picture of Dorian Gray
Henry James ~ The Turn of the Screw
Joseph Conrad ~ The Secret Agent
Virginia Woolf ~ Mrs Dalloway


Robert Browning
Emily Dickinson
Edward Thomas
William Butler Yeats

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