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					BG 0002 Basic English II                                                  Semester 1/2012

              Institute for English Language Education (IELE)
                     Assumption University of Thailand
                                Course Outline

BG 0002 Basic English II                                                   Semester 1/2012

Credits               : Non-credit Course
Status                : General Education Requirement
Lecturers             : Staff

Course Description: Upper Elementary academic English, with activities to foster
reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English through communicative
activities in a meaningful academic context.

Course Scope: The Basic English II course is taught by two instructors over the planned
15 weeks. Its aim is to improve the student’s language skills. The five language skills are
integrated during class sessions as part of an environment that fosters creative and
communicative learning.

Course Objectives:
This course aims to enable students to:
1. identify the parts of speech in a sentence
2. identify and use simple verb tenses, such as, simple present, simple past, past
    continuous, etc.
3. identify and use common conjunctions, such as, and, but, so, although, because, etc.
4. know the word forms/parts of speech of the vocabulary words from the reading
    passages, and be able to use them correctly in their own sentences
5. organize and write basic types of paragraphs, such as, routines and description, using
complete sentences
6. develop basic reading skills, such as, skimming, scanning, predicting, reading for gist,
etc. in the context of activities used to develop comprehension of the reading passages
7. identify the writer’s point of view and express their own opinion about that point of
8. participate in dialogs typical of real life situations
9. communicate their thoughts in spoken English

Textbooks and References:              1.Basic English Textbook (2nd Edition, 2010)
                                      2. Language Links Grammar and Vocabulary for
                                      3. Readers:
                                              a. Ghandi
                                              b. The Moonstone
                                              c. Tales of the Supernatural
                                      4. English Picture Dictionary
                                      5. Handouts

Teaching – Learning Activities:       1. Lectures
                                      2. Assignments
                                      3. Discussions
                                      4. Dictations
                                      5. Short Presentations
                                      6. Conversation Activities

Evaluation Methods:                   1. Attendance checklist
                                      2. Writings (4)
                                      3. Quizzes (2)
                                      4. Extensive Reading Journals (3)
                                      5. Short Presentations (2)
                                      6. Dictations
                                      7. Special Project
                                      8. Mid-term Examination and Final Examination

 BG 0002 Basic English II                                                  Semester 1/2012

 In accordance with university policy, students must attend at least 80% of class sessions in order
 to fulfill the course requirements. Students are considered late after the first 10 minutes of class.

Note: Every student has to keep a portfolio of his/her assignments and test papers. This will help
      the IELE evaluate requests for re-check, etc. Requests/petitions not supported by a portfolio
      will not be entertained.

 Basic English II Evaluation

 Academic English

 Examination Coverage:
                                       Quiz I and Quiz II: -Short Unseen Passage
                                                                  basic reading skills
                                                           -Paragraph Writing

                                       Mid-term              -Unseen passage (s)
                                                                    basic reading skills
                                                                    grammar and structure
                                                                    short writing
                                                             -Paragraph Writing

                                       Final Examination     -Unseen passage (s)
                                                                    basic reading skills
                                                                    grammar and structure
                                                                    creative writing
                                                             -Paragraph Writing

 Mark Allocation:

 Extensive Reading Journals (3x10)     =      30             Presentations          =    60
 Special Project                       =      10             Dictations             =    20
 Writings (4x10)                       =      40             Effort                 =    20
 Quizzes (25 + 25)                     =      50                     TOTAL          =   100
 Mid-term Exam                         =     100
 Final Exam                            =     150
 Attendance                            =      10
 Effort                                =      10
                      TOTAL            =     400
                      Grand Total      =     500

 The grading system is as follows:
                       Grade                  Marks
        Repeat         W (withdraw or debarred)
                       U                    less than 250
        Pass           S                   250 and above

 Provisional Study Plan:

 Week 1- 4:             - Introduction
                        - Course Outline
                        - Unit 1
                        -Grammar focus (subject-verb agreement, simple present tense,
                           time clauses, adverbs of frequency and probability)

BG 0002 Basic English II                                                  Semester 1/2012

                     - Writing 1 (Routines)
                     - student introduction activities and discussions.
                     - Dictation 1 / Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Discussing Routines One: Personal
                     - Dictation 2 / Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Routines Two: Hypothetical
                     - Presentation One – Routines

                     Quiz I (25 marks): 1:20 hrs.

Week 5 – 8:          -Unit 2
                     -Grammar focus (countable/uncountable nouns, there is/there are,
                       -ed/-ing adjectives, simple past tense, order of adjectives)
                     - Writing 2 (Description)
                     - Extensive Reading Journal (1)
                     - Dictation 3 / Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Description: Where I live
                     - Presentation Two – Description
                     - Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Sharing experiences 1: A happy time / event

                     Mid-term Exam (2-hour written): 100 marks
                     *Check the Schedule on the AU website

Week 9 – 12          -Unit 3
                     -Grammar focus (simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense,
                       relative pronouns, passive voice, conjunctions, conditionals)
                     - Writing 3 (Creative)
                     - Extensive Reading Journal (2)
                     - Dictation 4 / Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Sharing experiences 2: An unhappy time / event
                     - Presentation Three – Sharing experiences
                     - Pronunciation (minimal pairs)

                     Quiz II (25 marks): 1:20 hrs.

Week 13 – 15:        -Unit 4
                     -Grammar focus (simple present tense, modal verb ‘should,’
                       Conditional ‘if,’ and conjunctions)
                     -Writing 4 (Opinion)
                     -Special Project
                     - Extensive Reading Journal (3)
                     - Opinion One: Forming an opinion
                     - Opinion Two: Supporting an opinion with reasons
                     - Presentation Four – Opinion
                     - Dictation 5 / Pronunciation (minimal pairs)
                     - Course review discussions

Final Examination:          (3-hour written exam):      150 marks
                            *Check the Schedule on the AU website

Last day to withdraw with W: 24 August, 2012

Please inform the IELE office if class is canceled without prior notice or the instructor shows
up for class more than 10 minutes late.

BG 0002 Basic English II                                                 Semester 1/2012

You can contact the IELE at:

IELE Office (Hua Mak Campus)                 Office Hours: 8:00-16:30
1st floor, S building                        ex. 1142

IELE Office (Suvarnabhumi Campus)            Office Hours: 8:30-17:00
27th floor, CL building                      ex. 2370

                                 VISION 2000 FOR

Assumption University of Thailand envisions its graduates as:
 healthy and open-minded persons, characterized by personal integrity, an independent
   mind, and positive thinking,
 professionally competent, willing to exercise responsible leadership for economic
   progress in a just society, able to communicate effectively with people from other
   nations and to participate in globalization.


Assumption University of Thailand envisions itself as:
 an international community of scholars,
 enlivened by Christian inspiration,
 engaged in the pursuit of Truth and Knowledge,
 serving human society, especially through the creative use of interdisciplinary
   approaches and cyber technology.


The IELE at Assumption University of Thailand envisions itself as the leading institute in
English language education in Thailand known for its excellence with:
    qualified and professional instructors
    motivated and proficient students
    state-of-the-art courses and technologies
    an international teaching and learning environment.
The IELE envisions Assumption University students as individuals who:
    are linguistically competent and able to communicate effectively in English both in
     speech and in writing;
    constantly seek to improve their English language competency;
    are able to think critically and use English to perform successfully in society;
    are able to function effectively in a multicultural society and professional


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