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									     Partners in Paediatrics
        15th October 2009

PiP’s purpose, work programme and
  background to the Nurses’ Forum

           Lesley Hines
What is Partners in Paediatrics?

 Network of service providers & PCTs – working
  in collaboration
 First Meeting held in November 1997

 Formed September 1998

 Membership by subscription
                                                                    Clinicians and
                                                                  managers working
                                                                  together with the
                                                                     same aims
                                  M acclesfield


Partnership of                                Stafford

    equals -      Shrewsbury                             Burton
                                                                      A ‘flag’ and
   activities             Telford      Walsall                       rallying point -
jointly defined
                            Wolverhampton                            health care for
  & pursued                                                              children
   with joint
            Participating NHS Trusts
University Hospital Nth Staffs        Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital
Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital   South Staffordshire & Shropshire
                                         Healthcare Foundation Trust
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
                                      Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust
East Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust
                                      Wolverhampton City PCT
Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust
                                      Telford & Wrekin PCT
Burton Hospitals NHS Trust
                                      Walsall PCT
Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust
                                      South Staffordshire PCT
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
                                      Stoke PCT

             Funding by subscription of member Trusts
Statement of Purpose

.. to improve the quality and

accessibility of services for

children across the area served

by the participating Trusts…

   Develop high quality clinical guidelines and
    pathways of care
   Facilitate the development of clinical networks
   Work with and inform commissioners on the
    improvement of services
   Provide educational fora & undertake training &
   Promote and share good practice
NSF Themes

   Improving services

   Tackling inequality

   Enhancing partnerships

                Emerging Finding 2.2
The practical challenge is how to

ensure that children’s services locally

are coherent in design and delivery,

with good coordination, effective joint

working between and across sectors

and agencies, with smooth transition

and in partnership with children, young

people and families.”

       (Al Aynsley Green NSF Introduction p4)
PiP Work
    Clinical Networks

    EWTD & Service Re-Design

    Education & Conferences

    Guidelines & Clinical Governance

    Academic Projects & Publications
Active Network Projects
   General Paediatric Surgery
   Paediatric Anaesthesia
   Paediatric & Adolescent
    Rheumatology Network
   Child Protection (CSA)
   Diabetes

120 members involved in working groups
Why do we need Clinical Networks?
   Inadequate manpower resources
   Share specialist manpower skills
   Equitable standards
   Local Access
   Sustainability of services
Nursing Forum: Inaugural meeting July 2008

Key challenges to be addressed:

   Impact of initiatives such as Darzi review, ‘Nursing Futures,
    Future Nurses,’ EWTD and Modernising Nursing Careers;
   The impact of mandatory training on clinical care;
   The future role of all nurses – and ANPs – looking at roles
    they will play in the plan to deliver care ‘closer to home’;
   Developing Standards – e.g. Surgery Standards
    Terms of Reference for Forum
   To provide a forum to support those nurses involved in
    the care of children & young people (C & YP) across
    the partnership area

   To facilitate networking & the sharing of ideas /
    examples of good practice to encourage evidence-
    based practice

   To identify & analyse service/workforce needs & to
    consider the mechanisms to address these

   To influence national & regional initiatives for nurses
    working with C & YP, & to consider the implications for
    local areas

   To recognise training & educational needs and to
    influence strategies to address these
      Nurses’ Forum Workshops to date
Future Health Policy, the role & Contribution of

Nursing – Liz Morgan, Dept of Health

Assessment of the ill/injured child and young


PANDA – Paediatric Acuity & Nursing

Dependency Assessment tool – Sue Chapman,

Great Ormond Street Hosp

E-Learning for Health

Pandemic Flu Preparations
“Coming together is a beginning.
 Keeping together is progress.
  Working together is success!”
                      Henry Ford

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