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									              Program Outline
       Nurses Update Meeting Agenda
            Friday, April 9, 2010                                                     Faculty

7:00 - 7:50 AM     Registration, Networking Information    Aleena Banerji, M.D.
                              Tables                       Massachusetts General Hospital
                                                           Instructor in Medicine
7:50 - 8:00 AM     Welcome and Opening Remarks
                                                           Doron Ber, M.D.
                         Paul Sklarew, MD                  Shoreline Allergy and Asthma, LLC
                                                           23 Clara Drive
8:00 - 9:00 AM     Vocal Cord Dysfunction and Treatment    Mystic, CT 06355
                         Christopher Hartnick, M.D.        Mary Bouthiette, R.N., AE-C
                                                           Dartmouth Hitchcock-Manchester
9:00 - 10:00 AM    Diagnosis and Treatment of Venom        Asthma Consultant
                          Allergy                          950 Island Pond Road
                                                           Manchester, New Hampshire
                         Robert W. Hickey, M.D.
                                                           Steven R. Grandgeorge, M.D.
10:00 - 10:30 AM         Break and Exhibits                Allergist
                                                           Dartmouth Hitchcock Manchester
10:30 - 11:30 AM        Angioedema, Clinical               Manchester, New Hampshire
                   Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment
                                                           Christopher Hartnick, M.D.
                         Aleena Banjeri, M.D.              Associate Professor
                                                           Department of Otolaryngology
11:30 - 12:30 PM   Aspirin Allergy and Desensitization     Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
                                                           Boston, MA
                         Doron Ber, M.D
                                                           Robert W. Hickey, M.D.
12:30 - 1:25 PM     Lunch – Exhibits, Networking           Allergy Associates of New Hampshire
                                                           Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1:25 – 1:30 PM          Afternoon Remarks

1:30 - 2:30 PM     Environmental Influences on Asthma
                                                                      Educational Learning Objectives

                         Steven Grandgeorge, M.D.             Upon completing this course, participants should be able to:

                                                                   Understand the presentation and differential diagnosis of
2:30 - 3:30 PM     Spirometry in The Office Setting                 pediatric paradoxical vocal cord motion, and understand
                                                                    the role of therapy and biofeedback in treating this
                         Mary E. Bouthiette, RN-AE-C                condition.
                                                                   Understand the relative importance of indoor allergens
3:30 – 3:40 PM     Concluding Comments & Evaluations                and air quality on asthma. Role of spirometry in the
                                                                    office setting.
                         Paul Sklarew, M.D.
                                                                   Understand venom allergy and the management of
                                                                    venom allergy. New venom guidelines.
                                                                   Angioedema: How it is diagnosed treated.
Please Note: HANDOUTS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE                        Aspirin sensitivity, allergy, protocol for desensitization.
THE DAY OF THE MEETING. WILL be available for
download on NESA Website at:
                                                                       New England Society of Allergy
       About the NESA Allergy Nurses Update
The Allergy Nurses Update is one of the most essential and
successful educational components of the Spring New England
Society of Allergy meeting. This update is offered each spring
meeting of the society. It is a one-day program designed for
allergy nurses by the clinical staff members of the society.
The Allergy Nurses Update is organized by a dedicated group of
allergy society nurses who arrange lectures and speakers (many
of whom are society member physicians or nurses) provide
continuing education credits and handle on site activities
(registration, luncheon, breaks, etc.)
The overall purpose and goal of The Nurses Update Meeting is to
provide an annual educational update of asthma, allergy, and
immunology for allied health personnel working the specialty and
to provide a forum for networking.

Michele Gottlieb, M.D., Paul Sklarew, M.D.—Physician
Coordinators of the Nurses Program.

Kelley Fernandez, RN, Jan Matteson, RN, Sheila Mansfield,
RN, Fran Tarvin, RN, Charlotte Pfuki, RN, Becky Kiritsy, RN,
Nancy Goedhart, LPN, Wendy Storch, RN,
                                                                          Allergy Nurses Update
Amanda Bogue, Rose Hamilton, LPN–Nursing Coordinators of
this years nursing program.                                                        2010
       Volunteer to be a coordinator for 2011!                       The New England Society of Allergy, Asthma (NESA) is
                                                                     accredited the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and
                                                                     Immunology (AAAAI) to sponsor continuing medical education
                   Who should attend?                                programs for nurses. AAAAI is a Provider, approved by the
                                                                     California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # 10704, and
Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse                  designates this continuing medical educational activity for up to
Practitioners, Physician Assistants & Medical Assistants that work   7.2 Contact Hours.
in the specialty of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, and clinical
staff from primary care practices.

                                                                            Marriott Courtyard Hotel

                                                                                75 Felton Street
                                                                            Marlborough, MA 01752
                                                                             Friday, April 9, 2010

                                                                                          Go to:
                                                                         for directions and maps to the meeting site.

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