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                            May 12, 2009

MAYOR        Joe Baker                        CITY STAFF:

COUNCIL      Cody Frazier                     Heath Kaplan, City Manager
                Mayor Pro Tem                 Jana Shelton, City Secretary
             Don Balser                       Joe Villarreal, DPW Director
             Shannon Barnes                   Dean Winters, Police Chief
             Ben Brewer
             Wayne Lukaris

                                              Pat Branson
                                              Bill Teaquist
                                              Jeff Hajek
                                              Theresa Ostrander
                                              Angela Glazener
                                              Kathy Barwick
                                              Tracye Nelson

1.    Call to Order –

      Mayor Baker called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.    Invocation –

      Cody Frazier offered the invocation.

3.    Pledge of allegiance-

4.    Presentation to Angela Glazener as the “Volunteer of the Year”-

      Mayor Baker introduced Angela Glazener to the Council and citizens. Mayor
      Baker thanked Ms. Glazener for the important work she does with the “Make
      A Wish” Foundation and stated that the City of Crandall is honoring her as the
      “Volunteer of the Year”.

City Council Minutes 4-16-09             1
5.    Discuss and take action on Resolution No. #051209 canvassing the 2009
      General Election-

      Mayor Baker reads the canvas of the election as certified by the Kaufman
      County election admintration, Dick Murphy. The official canvas included for
      the office of Mayor, Moss Kines 26 votes and Cody Frazier 162 votes.
      Council Members included Don Balser 124 votes and Jeff Hajek 131 votes.

      Ben Brewer made a motion to adopt Resolution No. 051209R, canvassing the
      2009 General Election for the City of Crandall. Wayne Lukaris seconded the
      motion. The motion carried with a unanimous vote of the Council.

6.    Discussion regarding the water/sewer utility rates-

      Mayor Baker explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the
      citizens input on water and sewer rate increase from the May 7, 2009 Council
      meeting. The Council discussed the opinions of the citizens and felt that they
      received positive support for the increase.

      City Manager, Heath Kaplan, informed the Council that he attended a
      Kaufman 4-1 Joint Venture meeting recently. Mr. Kaplan explained that the
      water tanks that were going to be repainted were inspected. The inspection
      revealed that the tanks were in unsatisfactory condition and the engineers
      suggested that the tanks be replaced. Mr. Kaplan explained that this is an
      unexpected expense and will increase the debt of the City.

      Mr. Kaplan again reviewed the three options for the increase in water and
      sewer rates. Mr. Kaplan stated that with the new debt that the City is facing,
      only the substantial increase will allow the City to recover financially.

      Mr. Kaplan also offered a scenario that would allow for restructuring of the

      The Council discussed the best way to communicate with the citizens
      regarding the increase in rates.

7.    Adjourn-

      Don Balser made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Wayne
      Lukaris seconded the motion. The motion carried with unanimous vote of the


City Council Minutes 4-16-09             2
                                       Joe Baker, Mayor


Jana Dee Shelton, City Secretary

City Council Minutes 4-16-09       3

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