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					                                              PLANNING BOARD
                                                 March 10, 2009
Meeting was called to order at 8:04pm by Chair Capazzi with the following ANNOUNCEMENT: In compliance
with Chapter 231, Public Law 1975, adequate notice of this meeting was made. It has been posted on the Bulletin
Board in the Municipal Center. Copies have been mailed to the PRESS JOURNAL, THE RECORD and THE
SUBURBANITE. A copy has been filed with the Borough Clerk and copies have been mailed to individuals
requesting the same.

Mr. Ardito-P                 Mr. Arnone-P                               Mr. Betancourt-A
Mr. Capazzi-P                Mayor Hoelscher-P                          Mr. McLaughlin-P
Ms. Psaras-P                 Mr. Seymour-Jones-A                        Mr. Spatz-P
Jennifer Knarich, Price Meese, etal

Minutes of the January 13, 2009
Motion for approval of minutes as submitted was made by Mr. McLaughlin, seconded by Ms. Psaras. With no
discussion, on roll call vote-AIF.

Price Meese et al              106 Schraalenburgh Road                  June 2008    Escrow             $ 30.00
                                                                        May 2008     Escrow             $135.00
                                                                        Feb. 2008    Escrow             $ 45.00
                                                                        Nov. 2007    Escrow             $285.00
                                                                        Oct. 2007    Escrow             $120.00
                                                                        Sept. 2007   Escrow             $120.00
                                                                        April 2007   Escrow             $1305.00
                               76 Schraalenburgh Road                   Jan. 2009    Escrow             $ 60.00
Neglia Engineering             106 Schraalenburgh Road                  Nov. 2007    Escrow             $116.25
                                                                        March 2008   Escrow             $307.50
                                                                                     TOTAL              $2523.75
Motion for payment of vouchers, subject to available funds was made by Mr. McLaughlin, seconded by Mr. Arnone,
with no discussion, roll call vote-AIF.

Resolution of Approval-Sage LLC
Ms. Knarich reviewed the resolution prepared by the Board Attorney. Ms. Psaras requested changes to be made
referring to the minimum side yard setback (throughout the document) as well as public discussion with a River Vale
neighbor, Mr. Xwaii requesting the distribution of proposed evergreens to be redistributed around the entire property,
not just in a row.

Mrs. Bistritz will review past minutes to find the exact wording for this request.

There was also a request to verify the address of the applicant. The only one listed for the project is that of the attorney
for the property owner. Ms. Knarich explained that she uses the information provided on the original application;
however she will speak with Mr. Bell to correct if necessary.

With no further discussion, a motion for approval of resolution was made by Mr. McLaughlin, subject to the above
noted changes as well as confirmation of payment of outstanding invoices to Ms. Price’s firm. Ms. Knarich explained
that her office still is owed money by the applicant for work performed. At this time MS. Price has a written guarantee
that the Potter family will pay all outstanding vouchers. However, it should be noted that no further work will be
performed for this application until all balances are paid in full. Seconded by Mr. Spatz. Roll call vote-AIF. Mr. Ardito
is not eligible to vote.
Ms. Psaras cannot vote on this resolution since she voted against the approval of this subdivision.

Master Plan-November 2009
Due to financial aspects of this year’s Borough budget, the Board has determined that they will form a committee with
Chair Capazzi, Mr. Spatz and Mr. McLaughlin to determine if any changes need to be made to the Master Plan prior to
submission in the fall. They will also review the zoning map to see if there are any changes that should be made at this

Board members asked Ms. Knarich if this is legally allowed. She had determined that it was. Once the e members
discuss the Master Plan they will present their findings to the Board for further discussion.


Motion made by Mr. Arnone to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm, seconded by Mr. McLaughlin-all in favor.

I hereby certify the following to be true and correct.

________________________                 ____________
John Capazzi, Chair                              Date

__________________                       ___________
Lynnae Psaras, Sec’y                             Date

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ann Lott Bistritz, Board Clerk
Next meeting Planning Board April 8, 2009 -8pm

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