VIRGINIA TECH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
                            Undergraduate Research, Independent Study Authorization
                               (2974, 2994, 4974, 4994, 4904 variable credit course)

The Authorization Request must be TYPED and received in the Engineering Academic Dean’s Office, 212
Hancock Hall, by no later than the third day of classes in a semester. NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline.

This form constitutes an agreement by the student to complete the described work during the listed term and by
the faculty member to provide direction to the student during that term. A grade will be assigned based on the
agreed upon work, test and report requirements. Failure to complete the described work is not basis for an “I”
grade or a time extension. The grade assigned must reflect the student’s performance during the requested

Approval of this request constitutes registration for the course. The Academic Dean’s Office will add the hours
to your class schedule and e-mail you (you do not add the hours). If addition of the course hours puts you over
19 hours total (9 per summer session), you must request a course overload approval from the Academic Dean’s
Office (go to to download the Overload Request form).

                                                                                             Term __________________

I.     Student Information:      Name ________________________________________________________________

ID # _____________________ Major ____________________ Projected Term of Graduation ___________________________

Local Address ______________________________________________________________ e-mail ________________________

Overall GPA ________ In-Major GPA ________ (For CS majors - GPAs required for Independent Study are at least 2.50
overall and in-major; GPAs required for Undergraduate Research are at least 2.50 overall, 3.00 in-major). (For other
Engineering majors, BOTH GPAs must be at least 2.00. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the GPA requirements. Your
UG/IS will NOT be approved if you do not meet the GPA requirements.)

Department verification of GPA’s (name/date – see reverse side) ____________________________________________________

II.    Course and Credit Information:

Instructor’s name (typed or neatly printed):_____________________________ Instructor’s PID:_______________________
Dept. _____________ Course # _____________ CRN # _____________ # Credits ____________ A/F or P/F ___________
Total number of credits this semester including this course ___________ (if over 19, must request course overload approval)
Total hours of previously taken Independent Study and/or Undergraduate Research __________

This credit will be used as: Free Elective ____ Tech Elective _____________________ Required Course _________________
(Department: indicate requirement category on dars)

Title of Project ___________________________________________________________________________________________
(Instructor: attach a TYPED description and statement of method of grading).

III.   Signatures of Approval: Obtain signatures in order

_________________________________________ ________             _________________________________________ ________
Student                                   Date                 Student’s Department Head                 Date

_________________________________________ ________             _________________________________________ ________
Instructor                                Date                 Instructor’s Department Head              Date

_________________________________________ ________             _________________________________________ ________
Instructor’s typed name and e-mail address Date                Academic Dean of Instructor               Date

__________________________________________________             _________________________________________ ________
Dept. Advisor (confirm GPAs-see reverse side) Date             Academic Dean of Student                  Date

            (confirm GPA’s and 2974, 2994, 4974, 4994 registration information)

Aerospace/Ocean Engineering          Madhu Kapania, 219C Randolph Hall
                                     Chris Hall, 224D Randolph Hall

Biological Systems Engineering       Mary Leigh Wolfe, 305 Seitz Hall

Chemical Engineering                 Jane Price, 133 Randolph Hall
                                     David Cox, 139 Randolph Hall
                                     Preston Durrill, 133 Randolph Hall

Civil Engineering                    Kara Lattimer, 200E Patton Hall
                                     Val Dymond, 200 Patton Hall
                                     Bill Cox, 200D Patton Hall

Computer & Electrical Engineering:   Mary Taylor (last names A-J), 340 Whittemore
                                     Paula Van Curen (K-S), 340 Whittemore
                                     Leslie Pendleton (T-Z), 340 Whittemore

Computer Science:                    Terry Arthur (last names A-J), 133E McBryde
                                     Libby Bradford (K-Z), 133F McBryde

Engineering Education:               Debbie Atkins, 332 Randolph Hall
                                     Jeri Reinholtz (last names A-K), 317 Randolph
                                     Debbie Pollio (last names L-Z), 317 Randolph

Engineering Science & Mechanics:     Sandie Griffin, 225 Norris Hall
                                     Scott Case, 225 Norris Hall

Industrial & Systems Engineering:    Joyce Vest, 237 Durham Hall
                                     Eileen Van Aken, 250 Durham Hall

Materials Science Engineering:       Jan Doran, Collegiate Square, Suite 302
                                     Steve Kampe, 210 Holden Hall

Mechanical Engineering:              Linda Vick, 118 Randolph Hall
                                     Clint Dancey, 118A Randolph Hall

Mining & Minerals Engineering:       Greg Adel, 140 Holden Hall


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