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									                          Course Syllabus

               International Technology University

               SEN 942 – Software Engineering II

Course Description

This course builds on the understanding of software engineering
presented in SEN 941 (Software Engineering I). The focus of this class
will be on quality software engineering. We will cover all technical
phases of the software process including requirements, software
architecture and design, language-software engineering interface,
improving the quality of code, uses and misuses of metrics and issues
in maintenance and operations. This course builds on the framework
that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing a
software system.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the student will:

   1. Know general principles, theories, concepts, and/or formulas in
      the solution of common Software Engineering problems.
   2. Demonstrate the ability to use modern Software Engineering
      tools necessary for engineering practice.
   3. Demonstrate an understanding of the engineering profession.
   4. Have the ability to manage a software development project
      including planning, scheduling and risk
   5. Have an understanding of distributed system architectures and
      application architectures.
   6. Know how to identify specific components of a software design
      that can be targeted for reuse.

Required Textbook

No textbook is required. Very detailed slides and lectures will be
provided. Students may optionally research the internet and local
libraries for additional subject related information when needed.

  Final       25% There will be one comprehensive final exam,
  Exam            which will count for 25% of your course grade.
                  The final exam will be given during the
                  scheduled final exam week. This will be an in
                  class written exam.

  Midterm     25% There will be one midterm exam, which will
  Exam            count for 25% of your course grade. The
                  midterm exam will be assigned at the half-way
                  point in the class. This will be a take-home

  CSLO        25% Course Student Learning Objective Essay

  Homework 25% You will be assigned 5 homework assignments,
               worth 5 points each.

Final Exam: The week before the final exam is given there will be a
review session in class. The final exam will be an in-class assignment
during the last week of the term (Final Exam Week).

Academic Dishonesty

All of your assignments and class activities should represent your own
individual effort. Your assignments should be done without
consultation with other students (or the Internet) and you should not
share your work with others. Any assignment submitted that is copied
from the internet or essentially the same as someone else’s will not
receive credit.

Grading Formula

                    A      95 – 100 C+     77 – 79
                    A-     90 – 94   C     73 – 76
                    B+     87 – 89   C-    70 – 72
                    B      83 – 86   D     60 – 69
                    B-     80 – 82   F     59 or <
         Course Schedule and Assignment Due Dates

The schedule below is subject to change depending on progress
through the course material.

Week   Topic                                 Assignments
       Lecture 1
1      Course Overview
       Intro to Software Engineering II
       Lecture 2
       The Business Aspects of Software
2      Lecture 3
       Overview of Project Management
       skills needed for Software
       Lecture 4
       The Legal Aspects of Software
                                             Assignment 1
3      Engineering
       Lecture 5
       Feasibility Studies
       Lecture 6a
       Software Reliability
       Lecture 6b
       Software Security and Dependability
       Lecture 6c
       Dependability Engineering
       Lecture 7
       Software Testing Strategies           Assignment 2
       Lecture 8                                  Due
       Software Defect Testing
       Lecture 9
       Software Cost Estimations
       Lecture 10
       Object-Oriented Design
     Lecture 11
     Software Design with Reuse          Assignment 3
     Lecture 12a                              Due
     Software Architectural Design
     Lecture 12b
8    Software Architectural Design       Midterm Exam
     Midterm Exam in Class
     Lecture 13
     Distributed Architectural Design
     Lecture 14                          Assignment 4
     Agile Software Development               Due
     Lecture 15
11   Component-based Software
     Lecture 16
     Embedded Systems Development
     Lecture 17                          Assignment 5
     Service-Oriented Architecture            Due
14   Final Exam Review
     Final Exam in Class
                                          Final Exam
15   Course Student Learning Objective
                                          CSLO Due

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