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									                                  Chemical Engineering
                                          Elective Focus Area

General Education Components (15 semester hours)

        GEC             courses consistent with career goals                               15 s.h.

Statistics Elective (3 semester hours)

    STAT:2020           Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Physical Sciences   3 s.h.

Engineering Elective (3 semester hours)

   100-level engineering course from the following list                                    3 s.h.

     Recommended Engineering Electives

     CBE:5210           Bioseparations                                                     3 s.h.
     CBE:6210           Biotechnology of Extremophiles                                     3 s.h.
     CBE:6215           Engineering Aspects of Animal Cell Culture                         3 s.h.
     CBE:5199           Contemporary Topics (biochemical eng. topics)                      1-3 s.h.
     CBE:3998           Individual Investigations: Chemical Engineering                    1-3 s.h.
(100-level or higher)   Advanced Engineering course with approval

Advanced Chemistry Electives (10 semester hours)

    BIOC:3120           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I                               3 s.h.
    BIOC:3130           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II                              3 s.h.
    PHYS:1612           Introductory Physics II                                            4 s.h.
                        (substitution for BIOC:3140 Experimental Biochemistry)

Free Electives (the following 8 semester hours)

    BIOL:1411           Foundations of Biology                                             4 s.h.
    BIOL:1412           Diversity of Form and Function                                     4 s.h.

                                                                                             August 2012

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