College of Engineering Request for Supplementary Equipment Funds by fLr2wX


									                             College of Engineering Request for General Support Funds

The College of Engineering is committed to supporting faculty endeavors that will enhance their externally funded research activities.
In the event faculty may need to request supplementary College funding, faculty members must request support in writing to the
Associate Dean for Research. The following guidelines will apply:

1.       Demonstrate how these funds will provide a clearly-derived benefit toward increasing externally-funded research.
2.       Requests related to routine maintenance or repair of facilities or equipment will not be considered.
3.       The Department/PI will be expected to provide funding in an amount which equals not less than one third of the amount
         requested of the College.



Purpose of Request (specific statement as to how these funds will be used):

Attach a one-page justification that details the following:
    - Detailed description of how these funds will be expended.
    - Description of how these funds will benefit not only the faculty member, but the College.
    - How and at what level, these funds will provide a return on the College’s investment.
    - List of possible funding opportunities this investment would allow that would otherwise not be possible. Please include
        details such as funding agencies, program names, program officers, and expected proposal submission dates.

Estimated total cost:

Funding already secured:
Source                                                                 Amount              Cost Object/WBS
Other (please explain)

Amount requested from College:

PI Signature

Department Signature

Associate Dean for Research Signature

To be completed by CoE Dean’s Office – Cost Object for Amount Awarded by College

To be completed by EAS
Funding Source:                                                              _             Budget Transfer____________

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