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									                 Parallels and Convergences: Mormon Thought and Engineering Vision
                                              Title of Paper

                                                 Author name
                                       Author credentials, affiliation
                           Author’s full street address, telephone, fax, and email

                                          EXTENDED ABSTRACT

The paper title should concisely summarize the entire paper in a short phrase only one or two lines
long, the shorter and simpler the better. The extended abstract body should start with one or two
sentences introducing the topic or problem. A sentence or two should state the significance of the
topic within the overall discussion of parallels in Mormon thought and engineering vision. Briefly
state in a few sentences how the paper approaches the problem, and what arguments were used in
the discussion. The author should provide a short paragraph for every major section proposed.
There should be a sentence or two stating the most significant findings, and how they relate to
current or future discussions. The extended abstract should be two or more pages long (the
conference committee will select final papers based on this abstract, so authors are encouraged to
take care in crafting the text and providing enough information).

Key words: a few key words are helpful but not required.

A few preliminary references are recommended but not required. Each item included here should be
keyed into the text of the abstract where appropriate, like this (Roberts, 1930), to substantiate the
argument and help establish the significance in the context of Mormon thought and engineering
vision. This example uses APA style (American Psychological Association, 2008) but any
consistent editorial style is appropriate.


American Psychological Association (2008). Retrieved 1 Aug 2008 from webpage:
Roberts, B.H. (1930). A Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 6 vols. Reprinted
Provo, Utah, USA: BYU Press, 1965 printing.

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