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					                             TRANSED 2012
 ~ Svayam hosts the 13 International Conference on Mobility & Transport
                 for Elderly & Disabled people in India~
    •   Scheduled from 17-20th September 2012, the theme of the conference will be “Seamless
    access for all”
    •   Co-hosted by the Ministry of Transport and Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi

• TRANSED 2012 will witness the presence eminent personalities like Dr. Sudhir Krishna, Mr. 
Arvinder Singh Lovely etc

New Delhi, September 13th, 2012-: Svayam, an initiative of S.J.Charitable Trust, is proud to announce
that the 13th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled People
(TRANSED 2012) will take place in India at The Lalit New Delhi from September 17-20, 2012. The Theme
of the three day conference would be – ‘Seamless access for all: Universal Design in Transport system
and built infrastructure, a key element in the creation of livable cities.’ Svayam was awarded the bid for
the 13th TRANSED (International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled People)
at Transport Research Bureau of USA against Germany and South Africa.

TRANSED 2012 is an international Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled people
which is designed to review advances in research, profile international breakthroughs and explore
perspectives for technological innovations in response to the mobility challenges of an ageing population
and persons with disabilities. It also aims to examine ways to address challenges associated with
improving mobility and transportation needs for the elderly and disabled.

The conference is co-hosted by Ministry of Transport, government of Delhi and Government of National
Capital Territory of Delhi & Co sponsor for the event would be Transportation Research Board (USA).

Ministry of Tourism, Canadian Transportation agency and ministry of urban development are the principal
supporting organizations.

On behalf of Government of NCT of Delhi, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi- Smt. Sheila
Dixit extends her full support to Svayam for organizing the international conference and looks
forward to welcoming the foreign delegates. She also expresses her consciousness of barrier free
environment in public spaces as well as in public transportation in the capital. “This conference is
not only going to help awaken people and their sensitiveness to designing and planning in the built
environment and transportation to suit the needs of all especially the elderly and the disabled but
also will add a new dimension to our way of life.” She added.

Ms. Sminu Jindal, founder of Svayam is glad to host the 13th international conference in India for the
first time and believes that “TRANSED will be a great platform to share experiences and participate in
promoting accessible environment for all. It is necessary to cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled
and create public friendly infrastructure, transport across the nation. Svayam has always worked towards
a mission of making India accessible. Recognizing the importance of accessibility for all will enable
everyone to lead a dignified and independent life. TRANSED 2012 is the right step in the right direction
which will provide mobility solutions to all.”
Last year, the 12th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons
(TRANSED 2010) was held in Hong Kong, China from 2 - 4 June 2010. The themes of this Conference
had been Affordability and Accessibility, Environmental Concerns and New Technological Development in
Accessible Transport, Accessibility Concerns and Solutions for those with Cognitive and Sensory
Impairment & Accessible Tourism. By hosting TRANSED 2012, Svayam wishes to provide an equitable
infrastructure and transportation system to all.

Founded in the 1970's by Professor Norman Ashford (University of Loughborough) and Professor William
Bell (University of Florida), the International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and
Disabled People has been held twelve times in ten countries. From its roots as a small, specialized
meeting among a handful of researchers, the conference today attracts between 200 and 600 delegates
from up to 40 nations on six continents. Conference proceedings are a standard reference for
researchers, planners and operators alike, and are referenced in the TRB Transport Research
Information System TRIS. Professionals and consumers throughout the world recognize the TRANSED
series conferences as the key forum for scientific and philosophical advances in the pursuit of mobility
and access for elderly and disabled people.

About Svayam and its founder Ms. Sminu Jindal

Svayam an Initiative of Sminu Jindal Charitable Trust has been working towards providing independence
and dignity to people with reduced mobility. Svayam has been engaged in making various public places
accessible to all especially the elderly and disabled.
As the result of an accident at the age of eleven, the founder of Svayam Sminu Jindal became a
wheelchair user but this did not deter her spirits and she is dedicated to the cause of improving the lives
of people with reduced mobility. She devotes extensive time, resources and energy to realize Svayam′s
mandate to work towards making public infrastructure accessible to all including reduced mobility people.

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Description: ~ Svayam hosts the 13th International Conference on Mobility & Transport for Elderly & Disabled people in India~