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                      (A Government of Karnataka enterprises)

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 1.    Sealed tenders are invited for the work of “Comprehensive Annual
       Maintenance Contract of Servers, Computers, Laptops, Scanners,
       Printers and LAN” of various offices of Ambikanagar, Ganeshgudi,
       Nagjhari Power House and Supa Power House.

 2.    Total period of contract for “Comprehensive Annual Maintenance
       Contract of Servers, Computers, Laptops, Scanners and Printers”
       will be TWO years from the date of agreement.

 3.    Detailed Notification is available for downloading on Karnataka Power
       Corporation Limited website under the
       “Tenders” section.

 4.    The bidder shall have the following PRE-QUALIFYING REQUIREMENT:


              i.   The    bidder   should   have KST/CST/VAT/PAN/Service-Tax
                   Registration. CERTIFICATES issued by concerned authorities
                   have to be furnished as a proof of above.

             ii.   The Bidders should have registered with concerned Statutory
                   Authorities like Municipalities / Corporation / Companies etc., as
                   applicable. CERTIFICATES issued by concerned authorities have
                   to be furnished as a proof of above.

            iii.   The Bidders should furnish a copies of the latest Income Tax /
                   Sales Tax returns.


              i.   The Bidder should have an average annual turn over of at least
                   Rs. 10(Ten) Lakhs in the last TWO years. In proof of the above,
                   the Annual report duly certified by Charted Accountant has to
                   be furnished.


            i.     The bidder should be regular AMC agency who has satisfactorily
                   maintained at least 5 Nos. of SERVERs, 100 Desktops, 50 Dot
                   Matrix Printers and 100 nodes (LAN Points) in a reputed
                   organization. In proof of the above, performance CERTIFICATES
                   issued by them have to be furnished as a proof of experience.

            ii.    Only those agencies who are capable to depute Two Resident
                   Engineer/Technician at KPCL premises (One at Ambikanagar
                   and other at Ganeshgudi) shall apply/participate in this tender.
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           iii.   Bidders should give complete details of Expertise of Personnel
                  Organization in the execution of the said work and adequacy of
                  Computers/Printers/LAN Components and spares required for
                  the maintenance.

           iv.    The agency whose contract has been cancelled or fore-closed by
                  KPCL in the last 10 years due to un-satisfactory performance
                  are not eligible for participating in this tender.

           v.     The agency who receives the Work Orders from KPCL and
                  thereafter if Work is not executed by them due to any reasons
                  mentioned thereafter are not eligible for applying/participating
                  in this tender.


     Tender documents may obtained from this office on Applications for bid
     document along with a crossed Demand Draft in favour of Deputy General
     Manager(Finance) K1, KPCL, AMBIKANAGR, payable at Syndicate Bank
     AMBIKANAGAR, Uttar Kannada (District) for Rs.105/- (cost of tender
     document of Rs.100+5% VAT). Rs.100/- extra if required by post. KPCL is
     not responsible for any postal delay.

     If the tender is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons, the cost of the
     tender documents shall not be refunded.

6.   EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT – Rs.10,000/-

     (a)      EMD of Rs.10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only) is to be furnished
              along with the tender in the form of DD in favour of Deputy
              General Manager(Finance)K1, KPCL, AMBIKANAGR, payable at
              Syndicate Bank AMBIKANAGAR, Uttar Kannada (District) in a
              separate cover. Tenders not accompanied with requisite EMD shall
              not be considered.

     (b)      The demand draft submitted towards EMD shall be valid for a
              period of 180 days from the date of opening of the bid (Cover-I).
              In case, the validity of the Bid is required to be extended, the
              validity of the demand draft furnished towards EMD shall be
              extended suitably.

7.   The Bid shall be submitted in TWO Parts:

     Cover-I Shall Contain:
     (a)  Covering letter.
     (b)  Earnest Money Deposit (Pay Order/demand draft on any
          Nationalized Bank) drawn in favour of KPCL, Ambikanagar.
     (c)  Documents regarding pre-qualifying requirement duly filled and
          signed on all pages.
     (d)  Part-I of the bid documents duly filled & signed on all pages.

     Cover-II Shall contain:
     (a)  Bid Form.
     (b)  Part-II Price Bid in the prescribed format filled & signed on all
          pages given by KPCL.

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      Bids duly filled in shall be submitted in two sealed covers as indicated
      above, super-scribing the name of the work. Both these covers (Cover-I &
      Cover-II) shall be sealed and kept in another sealed cover super-scribing
      the name of the work.

8.    Calendar of Tender activities:

       1     Last    Date     of    receipt  of   27.06.2011 up to 1700 hrs.
             applications for issue of bid
       2     Period of issue of bid documents     27.06.2011 to 02.7.2011

       3     Date of pre-bid meeting, if any      04.07.2011
       4     Last date and time for submission    07.07.2011 upto 1400 hrs
             of completed Bids (Covers I & II)
       5     Opening of Cover – I PQR Bid         07.07.2011 at 1500 hrs
       6     Opening of Cover – II Price Bid      Will be intimated only       for
                                                  Qualified Bidders.

      Note: If a Govt. Holiday is declared on any of the above mentioned dates,
      next working day shall be considered.

      After evaluation of Pre-Qualification Bid (Cover-I), Price Bids(Cover-II) of
      Pre-qualified Bidders will be opened. Separate intimation will be given to
      the only Pre-Qualified bidders for opening of Price Bids(Cover-II).

9.    BID VALIDITY: The validity of the bid shall be 180 days from the date
      of opening of the bid (Cover-I).

10.   The successful bidder has to furnish a Bank Guarantee from a scheduled
      bank towards Security Deposit, equivalent to 10%(TEN) of the contract
      value, at the time of entering into contract agreement. The EMD of the
      successful bidder will be returned after the submission of Security Deposit
      & signing the Contract,.

11.   Alternate bid will not be accepted.

12.   The firm shall not sublet the assignment

13.   The bid documents are not transferable. Incomplete Bid or Bids without
      Tender Document Cost/EMD and Telegraphic/ e-mail quotations are not
      acceptable. KPCL will not be responsible for delay in receipt or non-receipt
      of the tender documents sent through post/couriers.

14.   The Chief Engineer (Elect-Constn.), Karnataka Power Corporation Limited,
      Ambikanagar does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tenders
      and reserves the right to select from any tender only such articles as may
      be considered expedient to accept and to negotiate with any of the

15.   The Chief Engineer (Elect-Constn.), Karnataka Power Corporation Limited,
      Ambikanagar reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without
      assigning reasons thereof at any stage.

16.   The bidders are requested to visit the site offices before bidding to have
      first hand information and to avoid un-necessary post tender

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17.     Further information, if required can be had from office of the ‘Chief
        Engineer(Elect-Const), KPCL, Ambikanagar – 581 363, Haliyal Taluk Uttar
        Kannada Dist.

                                                      Executive Engineer,
                                           O/o Chief Engineer (Elect. Constructions)
                                                KPC Ltd., Ambikanagar- 581 363

Copy forwarded to Tender Bulletin Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Uttar
Kannada District Uttara Kannada for information and needful action.

   : SE(CSD) Bangalore - For information with request to display the tender
                            notification on notice board and KPCL Website.
   : DGM(F)K1 - For information and with a requested to attend the tender opening.
   : DGM(F)G / AGM(IA)
   : Notice Board, M/f, o/c

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