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									       Conversazione 2004…

       The much-awaited Conversazione 2004 was finally held on the 6 Nov at the
Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. For a change, we had lots of sea breeze by the
marina! What an ambience!

        Conversazione 2004 was indeed very different from all previous ones. We had the
honour of the presence of the Director General of IMarEST UK, Mr Keith Read, CBE
(Commander of the British Empire) as our GOH. Indeed, we had the East Asia Division
in Singapore, who had a day earlier, held their meeting on the way forward for East Asia
right here in the heart of the region.

       Ir Louis K.S. Szeto, the President IMarEST (East Asia Division), attended with
the representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The entourage included
Mr. Harsono, Mr. Joe Prananta and Mr. Budhi Halim from the Indonesia, Mr Lim Kim
                                                   Tay, Mr. Yeo Cheng Kwan from
                                                   Malaysia and Mr Alan Tsang
                                                   CheMoon from Hong Kong. We
                                                   also had the Vice President
                                                   SNAMES, Mr Ernest Wee and his
                                                   wife attending the function.
                                                   Altogether, we had a strong turnout
                                                   of 70 participants. It was also noted
                                                   that some members brought along
                                                   their family members, giving the
                                                   Conversazione 2004 a touch of

                                                                 Mr Keith Read, an
                                                         electrical engineer with many years
in the Royal Navy, serving onboard ships and submarines like the Royal Navy Ship,
Repulse, gave some very interesting accounts of his life onboard ships. Those who
attended would not forget about how he described the perception of captains about the
ships they sailed on, especially the bulk carriers, container ships and the submarines.
And, of course, the joys of having the happy moments of seeing his ships off from the
harbour! Keith certainly kept the spirits high without the influence of spirits, and in
keeping with the nostalgia of the marine tradition. How nice it was to be, an evening of
serious business too! Keith commented that the head quarters see lots of vibrancy in the
marine industry within South East Asia, and that he personally envisages further growth
in the region!

        Mr Szeto shared with the members on the key thrust of the East Asia Division. He
also updated members on the formation of the PAAMES (Pan-Asian Association of
                                            Maritime Engineering Societies) comprising
                                            14 members, mostly from China, Japan,
                                            South Korea, Hong Kong and Russia, with
                                            objectives of sharing, networking and
                                            friendship     growth     amongst      marine
                                            technologists in the region. He cited China’s
                                            strive to be the world’s number 1
                                            shipbuilder by the year 2015 and that a lot
                                            of shipbuilding activities will continue to
                                            remain in Asia. He also updated that he
                                            would be looking at organising seminars to
                                            be staged at various locations in the East
                                            Asia Division member countries and that it
will pave the way forward with an increased level of engagement in professional matters.

                                                    The Chair of the RINA & IMarEST
                                            Joint Branch Singapore welcomed all to the
                                            Conversazione 2004, and put on record, the
                                            contributions of the members and team who
                                            made the event a success. In recognising the
                                            efforts of senior pioneers in the profession,
                                            the IMarEST Headquarters presented
                                            certificates of long service to both Mr Ron
                                            Pereira and Mr Charlie Foo, both having
                                            their memberships dating way back by a
                                            good 45 years. That’s proof of sustained
                                            loyalty and interests in the marine
                                            engineering professions right from the
                                            formative years of Singapore! Together,
they have a combined total of 90 years
of shining exemplary performance as
marine engineers for many our young
to follow.

       Some would say that they have
had spoken too much during their
years in encouraging, mentoring and
teaching the next and the next
generation of marine technologists in
Singapore and the regional countries,
but many present knew that we can
never have enough of them! Born a
mariner always a mariner at heart and in the soul, never giving up and always chasing
new goals!

                                                   Never forgetting the importance of
                                           grooming young marine technologists, the Joint
                                           Branch gave away the year’s coveted prize to
                                           Mr. Rano Ermansyah of Indonesia. The young
                                           is the marine industry’s future, and with
                                           Singapore’s international workforce of diverse
                                           talents and innovation, the local branch
                                           recognises these talents regardless of
                                           nationalities! That speaks volumes of the way
                                           talents are recognised of their capabilities in this

international marine industry hub.

       The evening ended with many
renewing old friendships (goodness,
we should have this more frequently!,
one     participant     was      heard
commenting), regional ones as well as
making new ones. When we saw one
senior member bringing a junior out
for further discussion on career
planning and the types of work in the
marine industry, one could feel that
sense of brotherhood and camaraderie present that only
mariners could fathom in going that extra mile!

        The evening was a great success and from the warm
handshakes of “see you again”, one could feel that this
many more Conversaziones will be organized in growing
that unique chord of friendship.

      Well done,        the   organising      committee     of
Conversazione 2004!
      How well the organising team got the show going, thanks to YK Leong and
Leonard Teo and their gang who made the night a most memorable one.

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