Tragic plane crash by ywp5Yn


									Tragic plane crash

Biplane crashes in Valdespartera

The whole contraption catches fire
Both the pilot Mr Collier, and the Cavalry tenant Mr Bernaldez, die in the flames

Mr Mendizabal, an engineer, explains the accident:

A few days ago, Mr Collier, a captain of the British army and the young Antonio Saaz
arrived in Zaragoza, piloting a Nieuport plane. The plane belonged to Antonio Saaz.
Recently they had started to take passengers on flights, and during the May festivities,
it was arranged that they would parrticipate in a flight display programme.
The day before yesterday and despite the very strong winds, Collier flew over
Zaragoza in a magnificent flight display.

Yesterday afternoon

Some of the locals were along in the flights, while others just watched the display.
One of those people who went on the plane with Collier, was the tenant of the 17th
regiment of Tetuan, Fernando Bernaldez, who had joined the flying school in
He asked Mr Collier to execute some acrobatic exercises. They took off climbing
quite high.
The way the accident happened, and what were the causes of it would be later
explained on a statement from Mr Saaz, who was the technical expert and also an eye
When the accident took place, the unlucky Collier and Bernaldez were wrapped in
flames and severely mutilated due to having been caught underneath the plane.

The plane fell at the foot of the hill of Valdespartera by the road side.

Antonio Saaz, the owner of the plane and Mr Gomez Guinart, a trainee mechanic
were near the spot where the plane crashed. They both ran towards it and with the
help of another man, Mr Ramon Tabuenca, they pulled out of the flames, the dead
bodies of Collier and Bernaldez.

The tragic sight of the dead bodies

The British pilot had lost both feet, and had the face horribly burnt and the skull and
body covered in deep gashes and wounds. The body of the unfortunate tenant
Bernaldez, was completely carbonized and unrecognizable.
Present at the funeral were the mayor and a good number of local people. The funeral
took place at half past 5 in the afternoon. Everyone who lived in the neighbourhood of
the accident, attended the funeral. Both coffins were escorted by a section of the
cavalry civil guard.

Notes from the translator:

There aren’t any further details regarding what provoked the accident and the
whereabouts of the cemetery where they were both buried. As far as the funeral it
doesn’t say the date, so unless you know when the article was written I cannot tell by
its content. The rest of the article is a detailed and gruesome description of the state of
the bodies, what happened when the authorities arrived to the scene of the accident,
and also a detailed account of Mr Collier’s character and private family life.

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