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									                  Tower Hamlets Trading Standards

                       M.A.I.L. Fair Trade Scheme
Our aim is to ensure a fair, honest and competitive trading environment within
the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

                                Code of Practice

In becoming a member of the M.A.I.L. fair trade scheme you and your
employees will be required to abide by the terms of this code of practice. Your
clients should also be advised of your membership and the requirements of
the code of practice.

1. Take all reasonable steps to comply with both the letter and the spirit of
   the law.

2. Co-operate fully with law enforcement agency officers including the Police,
   Trading Standards, Customs & Excise. If you are provided with information
   of wrongdoing by an officer regarding a client, you may be required to
   supply their details. The officer will indicate if the client can be informed by
   you of their enquiry.

3. Require 2 suitable pieces of identification from a prospective client e.g.
   bank reference, passport, drivers licence and a copy of these to be kept.

4. Record details of a prospective client’s type of business, which they wish
   to use your facilities for e.g. mail order; holiday club.

5. Maintain accurate records of client details including full name, private
   address (not an accommodation address or PO box no.) and telephone
   number. If the business is a limited company or plc, the full details as listed
   above of the directors and company secretary. For partnerships, full
   details again as listed above, of all partners.

6. Refer any dissatisfied consumers and law enforcement enquirers to Tower
   Hamlets Trading Standards.

7. Record any alternative address for post to be forwarded to other than the
   address detailed by your client.

If you fail to comply with the code or act upon a subsequent warning letter
from Trading Standards, your membership will be withdrawn.

Your framed honorary certificate of membership will be given to you following
receipt of your application form and a visit by an officer to ensure your
recording systems of client details are in place.

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