1 Operation Taser Narrative by 96FdgP


									                                     Operation Taser

The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office currently employs approximately 400 individuals with
approximately 300 being Peace Officer Standard Training Certified (POST Certified). Our jurisdictional
area is the second largest parish in the state of Louisiana with 2080 square miles. There are 109,291
residents according to the 2009 Census Bureau that our law enforcement agency continually deals with
in an ever growing metropolis of potential criminal activity.

With an increasing population, there is a constant stream of new criminal activity, crimes of violence and
non-violence that keeps our officer hustling. There is a greater need now than ever before for our
deputies to carry tasers along with their normal weaponry. As our population grows and criminal
activity increases, officers are faced with more dangerous situations and the use of non-lethal weapons
are beneficial not only for our deputies, but for the public as well. The correct and appropriate use of
tasers bring down injury rate to both deputy and suspect by 81%, better odds than the use of a pistol.
By utilizing funding to purchase tasers for our deputies, we will may be able to successfully and safely
bring in suspects without the use of guns, with less injury and help to keep our deputies safe.

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