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									AOL Sessions (My Chemical Romance video album)
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      This article is about the My Chemical Romance video album, for other uses, see Sessions@AOL.
AOL Sessions is a video album composed of videos of the live Sessions@AOL
performances by the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. Four                                            AOL Sessions
tracks (one, two, three, and five) of the album were released on December 18,
2007 on the Canadian and United States iTunes Stores by Reprise Records.
Tracks four and six were released on December 21, 2007, also on the Canadian
and United States iTunes Stores. The album features six videos, all of which are
songs from the band's third studio album, The Black Parade.

Track listing
All songs written and composed by My Chemical Romance.
 No.      Title                                                                           Length
  1.      "Welcome to the Black Parade"                                                     5:02
  2.      "Famous Last Words"                                                               4:46
  3.      "I Don't Love You"                                                                3:55                 Video by My Chemical Romance
  4.      "Dead!"                                                                           3:08         Released                 December 18, 2007
  5.      "Cancer"                                                                          2:31                     (tracks 1–3, 5)

  6.      "House of Wolves"                                                                 2:55                                  December 21,
                                                                                                                     2007 (tracks 4, 6)
Personnel                                                                                                Recorded 2006

      Bob Bryar — Drums                                                                                  Genre       Alternative rock
      Frank Iero — rhythm guitar, backing vocals                                                         Length      21:37
      Ray Toro — lead guitar, backing vocals                                                             Label       Reprise
      Gerard Way — lead vocals
                                                                                                           My Chemical Romance video chronology
      Mikey Way — bass guitar
                                                                                                            The Black     AOL Sessions    Live and Rare
                                                                                                             Parade          (2007)           (2007)
External links                                                                                               (2006)

      Info on album on band's Website
      iTunes Store EP page

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