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									Alternative Energy Project                                         Name___________________
Environmental Science                                              Turn this in with your poster
                                                                   and article.
Poster Project
(70 points)

You will make a poster showing the process of how your technology works.
(ex. photovoltaic solar panels)

You must include:
A detailed and accurate drawing of the process
A brief explanation of the steps involved
How this technology is used (ex. To generate electricity or to run automobiles)
What are the benefits of using this source of energy?
What are the drawbacks of using this source of energy?
Project Based 0-4                        5-6                      7-8                       9-10
              Incomplete                 Developing              Accomplished               Exemplary
Use of time Needs frequent               Needs few reminders to Completes work on           Competes work on
              reminders to stay on       stay on task, completes time without reminders     time, stays on task and
___/10 points task, work not             project on time                                    helps others when
              completed on time                                                             finished.
Team work or Hinders or disrupts         works toward group      contributes to project     actively engaged in
group         groups ability to          goals with occasional with out prompting, is       groups work
participation complete task              prompting, is sensitive sensitive to others        encouraging others in a
              effectively, needs         to others                                          positive manner
___/10 points reminders to be
              sensitive to others
Visuals       Missing or do not          does not contribute      Relates and adds value Relevant, increasing
              contribute information     significantly to         to presentation, not   interest of audience,
___/10 points                            presentation             polished.              polished

Neatness,     Handwriting difficult to   Includes more than 3     Includes up to 3          Typed or neatly written,
Grammar &     read and includes 3 or     spelling and grammar     spelling or grammar       no spelling or grammar
Spelling      more spelling or           mistakes or hand         mistakes, typed or        errors.
              grammar errors.            writing not neat.        neatly written
___/10 points
Completeness Missing more then 4   Missing 3-4 of the   Work missing 1-2 of the Includes all of the
              components requested components requested components requested information or
___/10 points by teacher.          by teacher           by teacher              components requested
                                                                                by the teacher

Final Product Missing many               Missing a few            Includes all              Includes all
              requirements, Lacks        requirements but looks   requirements but          requirements, polished
___/10 points polish, thrown together    good! Some effort        finished product lacks    finished product, work
              without serious effort     made.                    polish, thrown together   to be proud of!
Speaking      Hesitates, low voice,  Some hesitation, few         Clear voice, good pace Clear voice, good
              poor eye contact, many fillers, some eye            and pronunciation,     projection and pace,
___/10 points "fillers"              contact but mostly           Checks notes           well rehearsed, little
                                     reads                                               need for notes, good
                                                                                         eye contact.
Sources of energy technologies include:
Geothermal energy (p464-5)                               Wind turbines (p461)
Solar energy (p457-460)                                  Hydroelectric (p463)
       passive solar,                                    Nuclear energy (p444-448)
        solar electric (photovoltaic),                   Bio-gas, Bio-fuels (462)
        solar hot water heaters.                         Wave/Tide/Oceans (p466-7)

(30 points)

In addition to your poster you must write a 1-2 page article the alternative energy
technology that you are working on. This article should be typed and double-spaced.
You must reference at least 2 magazine or newspaper articles and 2 web sites for the
article you write.

In your article you must include:

Summary of how it works (restating the information in your poster.) Benefits and
limitations of the technology (Pros and Cons)
A list of articles and web sites you gathered information from.

Extra credit:
Present you article in the format of a newspaper or some other publication with pictures.
               9-10 Points             8-7 points           4-5 points             0-3
Completion    Paper contains all        Paper contains all      Paper contains most of Paper unfinished, lacks
10 points     sections assigned,        sections but is missing the sections or        major sections or
              including graphs,         graphs or visual aids. paragraphs assigned. paragraphs
___/10 Points tables, and relevant
              visual aids.
Content       Accurate, logical,    Accurate and logical     Accurate, and logical     Content is unrelated to
10 points     includes authors own  information, including but does not                topic, significant
              thoughts and,         author's thoughts with incorporate author's        misconceptions
___/10 points considers implications,                        own thoughts and          apparent, missing key
              demonstrates thorough Demonstrates             ideas, Demonstrates       ideas
              understanding of topic.                        minimum
                                    understanding of topic understanding of topic
Organization Logical sequence, Easy Logical sequence of      Attempts to organize      Unorganized and
5 points      to follow, strong     ideas, reader can follow ideas, but reader has     difficult to read.
              introduction and                               difficulty following
_____/5points conclusion with clear
Neatness,      Typed or neatly written, Includes up to 3       Includes more than 3    Handwriting difficult to
Grammar &      no spelling or grammar spelling or grammar      spelling and grammar    read and includes 3 or
Spelling       errors.                  mistakes, typed or     mistakes or hand        more spelling or
5 points                                neatly written         writing not neat.       grammar errors.

___/5 points

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