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The ALFA Defender is a Czech-made semi-automatic pistol created
                                                                                             ALFA Defender
for military, Law enforcement, and Sport shooting purposes. There are
                                                                          Type               Semi-Automatic Pistol
two different series of Pistols made by ALFA, the Combat series and
Defender Series.                                                          Place of origin         Czech_Republic
                                                                                            Production history
Overview                                                                  Manufacturer       ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o.
As stated on the manufacturer's website:
                                                                          Weight             750 g (1.6 lbs)
       The proven concept of the self-loading service and defence          Length             190 mm (7.4")
       pistol in modern design with a polymer material frame. The          Barrel length      93 mm (3.6")
       breech locks in vertical movement of the barrel and the action
       cycle drive is controlled with short recoil of the back blow        Cartridge          9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
       assembly. This pistol uses Browning-type breech locking             Barrels            One
       system distinguished with simplicity, reliability and dirt-         Action             Double-Action/Single-Action
       resistance. The trigger and striker mechanisms are designed         Feed system        9mm 15-Round Box Magazine
       with the minimum number of parts to allow also field                                   .40 S&W 12-Round Box Magazine
       disassembly for emergency cleaning. It works in both the
                                                                                              .45 ACP 10-Round Box Magazine
       single- and double-action modes being equipped with quick
       response manual safety lock. The arm is equipped with a
       striker lock designed to allow permanent carrying of a cartridge loaded in the cartridge chamber having the gun
       always ready-for-use. Low weight, high magazine capacity and simple handling are appealing for demanding
       shooters. The high precision permits use of the gun for centre fire shooting sports disciplines. The three
       effective bores and two size versions offer a selection for a policeman as well as a sports shooter.

And as stated on the Modern Firearms page:

       The CZ-TT pistol is made in Czech republic by CZ Strojirna s.r.o. company, located in the city of Strakonice.
       This recently introduced pistol follows the pattern of the another famous Czech pistol, the CZ-75, but with the
       polymer frame instead of the original steel frame of CZ-75, and with modified locking system. CZ-TT also has a
       shorter barrel combined with full-size grip, which accommodates high capacity magazines. The CZ-TT is
       comfortable to carry and hold, with well-placed controls, and dimensionally suitable for both duty carry and
       concealed self-defense carry. Current pistols have relatively large slide serrations, suitable mostly for gloved
       hands, but I was told that the new production pistols will have more comfortable slide serrations. The CZ-TT is a
       short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. The barrel is operated using a Browning cam system, and is locked
       to slide by single lug via large ejection port. Frame is made from high impact-resistant polymer. Double Action
       trigger system with exposed hammer has internal firing pin safety, as well as manual safety, mounted on the left
       side of the frame. Manual safety can lock the hammer either in cocked or uncocked position. A CZ-TTL version
       is similar to basic CZ-TT but features an integral accessory rail on the frame, under the barrel. Standard sight
       are fixed, with front sight being integral to the slide, and rear sight being dovetailed into the slide.

NOTE: CZ-TT is not identical to Alfa Defender:
   CZ-TT uses Browning-Petter locking system. Made by CZ Strojirna s.r.o. (Strakonice)
   Alfa Defender uses Browning-FN system. Made by Alfa-Proj s.r.o. (Brno)

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