Cornwall Energy Task Force

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					Cornwall Energy Task Force
General Notice:

Our address is Town Hall, Cornwall 06753-0205 (205 is the PO)
Phone 672 4959
You may also give out my phone 672 6010

Our members are:

Richard Griggs is our point person for anything computer or website related. He is also
the point person regarding local Business and will be our photographer for milestone
Nora Prentice is the point person regarding CT Energy Fund and sign ups plus Internet
Anne and John Zinsser handle grant compliance and PR with local papers.
Katie Freygang (chairperson) juggles and holds the CETF mission central and reports to
the Selectman
Gordon Ridgeway, Selectman, is experience central and Chief.
Debbie Bennett is part of Kent Green House and has done energy efficient alterations to
her home. She comes with lots of first hand experience in home alteration, landscaping,
public relations, and business etc.
Nevton Dunn and Ira Shapiro are our newest members. Their responsibilities will kick
in once we start proposing building alterations like solar panel installation etc. since they
are an electrical engineer and architect respectively. Nev has started working with me on
using tools to measure energy usage so that peolple can assess usage.

The educational component of our committee is next to develop. Nev has some nifty
tools and we want to focus on school and public programs.

Always looking for new members.

Katherine Freygang
672 6010
cell- 860 488 0204

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