Renewable Energy Strategy Steering Group# by 96FdgP


									                   Renewable Energy Strategy Steering Group#

                   Notes of meeting held on 7th October 2011

Emma Trilk - NWLDC
Gillian Squires NWLDC
Anna Farish – Blaby DC
Richard Brown – Charnwood BC
Oliver Savage – LCC
Dan Szymanski – LCC
Peter Williams – LCC
Lonek Wojtulewicz – LCC
Louisa Nadolny – Blaby DC
Simon Wright – Energy Saving Trust

   1. Energy Saving Trust. Simon gave a presentation (attached) on the ways in
      which the EST can support the preparation and implementation across the
      whole range of the Renewable Energy Strategy.
   2. Notes of Meeting held on the 11th April were agreed
   3. Matters Arising Peter highlighted that following the HPIG presentation a
      further request for an update had been made for the meeting on the 13 th
      October. A copy of the paper subsequently prepared for that meeting will be
   4. Sub-Group progress
          a. Planning. A number of meetings have been held and a draft paper of
             70 pages has been prepared which will be ready for consultation in 2-
             3 weeks time. Principal debates have centred on status of the
             document and whether a target should be set. Current thinking
             suggests that status should be as an evidence base and support for
             action through the other groups. A capacity assessment through the
             strategy document (not the Planning chapter) would be helpful. Peter
             and Oliver explained that the capacity assessment work that Hannah
             and Andrew were to undertake has not happened (Hannah has
             changed roles and Andrew has left). However they undertook to find
             a resource to undertake the work (Subsequent to the meeting a brief
             has been prepared and has gone to tender)
          b. Community. Oliver reported that the Group had met once and wishes
             to focus on identification and delivery of the biggest hits from a
             community perspective. A second meeting will be called shortly.
          c. Employment & Skills. Peter reported that the LLEP delays in
             establishment has slowed this work down but he would call the first
             meeting of the Group shortly. There was some discussion regarding
             the utility of inviting companies operating in the Renewable Energy
             sphere on to the group. It was agreed that it would be useful to meet
             them but outside the formal group setting.
       d. Estates. This sub-group was to have been called by Andrew. In the
          absence of any other candidates Peter and Oliver would seek a
          replacement from Resources Department at the County Council or
          would find a resource elsewhere. at County

5. Project Plan – Peter to circulate a draft for comment
6. Communications – Comms person to be invited to next meeting
7. Date of Next Meeting – 14th December at 2.00 p.m. at County Hall in Room

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