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					The Science of Sunlight.
16:00 – 17:30 8th December.
University of Durham, Lecture Room L50, Psychology Building.

This public lecture is open to all and suitable for students aged 14 – 18.

Energy consumption is expected to increase by 50% over the next twenty years
based on current population growth expectations.
Where will the energy come from to power homes, businesses and lifestyles
and how can we increase food production to feed 9 billion people?

Global change: Large scale changes to our environment are occurring due to
increasing demand for resources and a growing population, exacerbated by climate
change and also influenced by variations in solar activity.

Energy: Global increase in energy demand is anticipated to be at least 50% over the
next 20 years. At the same time, fossil fuel use will need to decrease to a fraction of
current levels. Continued development, usage and application of a range of
photovoltaic devices that directly convert sunlight into electricity offers at least part of
the solution.

Food: To feed the world's growing population will require a 50% increase in food
production by 2030. Which solutions will work best in which areas, for example,
which crops to grow where and when.

Dr Michael Mosley, BBC science presenter, writer and executive producer.

Dr Phil Gates, Senior Lecturer School of Biological and Biomedical Science, Durham
University, Phil Gates has written 17 science books for young people and has won or
has been shortlisted for a number of literary awards.

Sheila G. Bailey, Senior Physicist NASA Glenn Research Center. Sheila has been
awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal for her work in space photovoltaics.

Please contact emma.bennett@durham.gov.uk , 07584370690 for further details
or to register interest in attending this free lecture.

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