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Mr G. Adams                                                                         Our ref: PDU/2068/MAS04
Southwark Council                                                                   Your ref: 07-AP-2806
Regeneration Department                                                             Date: 31 March 2008
Chiltern Offices
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For the attention of
Dear Mr Adams

Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended); Greater London Authority Act 1999;
Town & Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2000
Mulberry Business Centre, Quebec Way

I refer to your letter of 19 March 2008 informing me that Southwark Council is minded to
grant planning permission for the above planning application. I refer you also to the notice that
I issued on 19 March 2008 under the provisions of article 4(1)(b)(i) of the above Order.

Having now considered a report on this case (reference PDU/2068/01, copy enclosed), I am
content to allow Southwark Council to determine the case itself, subject to any action that the
Secretary of State may take, and do not therefore wish to direct refusal.

However, a condition or Section 106 obligation needs to be added to the permission to ensure
that the energy strategy as set out in the applicant’s energy statement is adhered to. The
condition also needs to refer to the need for further investigation of the potential use of site
wide CHP or links to a wider system particularly given the amount of projected development in
the area.

Yours sincerely

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

cc   Valerie Shawcross, London Assembly Constituency Member
     Tony Arbour, Chair of London Assembly Planning and Spatial Development
     Ian McNally & John Pierce, GoL
     Colin Lovell, TfL
     Lucinda Mould, LDA

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