Mechanical Energy 6 by 8P7DgJqn


									                        Mechanical Energy
Background information:
      Two forms of mechanical energy are potential and kinetic.
When a sphere is at the top of a ramp, it has stored energy.
The higher the ramp, the more potential energy a sphere has.
As a sphere [such as my marble] is released, its potential energy
is transformed into kinetic energy. When a sphere is in motion
it has kinetic energy. The more potential energy, the more
kinetic energy it will have. As a sphere’s energy transforms
from kinetic to potential, a sphere comes to a stop. Two forces
act on a sphere. Gravity pulls the sphere down the ramp as it’s
released. Friction can speed a sphere’s motion up or slow it
“Real-world” relevance or application:
      A ramp is classified as a simple machine, an inclined
plane. Its sloping surface is found in moving vans, trucks, or
trailers to make it easier to lift heavy objects with less force.
Inclined planes are also wheelchair ramps and stairs.

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